Friday, June 03, 2016

Rainbeau ♥

Our little Beau is now two weeks old and it's honestly been the quickest two weeks of my life - time flies when you're having fun (and are very busy!). He's such a good baby, such a little pet who loves nothing more than being in my arms and having snuggles, it's such a change to how his brother was as a baby, I always say it took Tyler Lee at least six weeks to warm to me and he hated being touched, Beau is the complete opposite.

He's been formally discharged from hospital after having his final checkup for jaundice and I call him 'little' but he's far from it, he's now weighing a whopping 10lbs 4oz and has grown to 57cm! He's feeding a lot, he never seems to be fulfilled so we've put him on the hungrier baby formula. His hunger is making it impossible for him to sleep during the day and he just won't settle as he's always wanting a bottle so hopefully the change in formula will help him to get some rest.

Thankfully he only wakes once during the night and goes back to sleep pretty quickly after a feed and a nappy change. I don't mind the night feed though as I know they won't last forever and I love the snuggles.

Beau is after changing so much already. His hair was a dirty blonde colour when he was born but has now gone a strawberry blonde/foxy colour. His eyes are such a beautiful dark blue colour, just like his big brother's and everyone tells me that he looks just like Tyler Lee - which I think is true too from comparing their baby pictures.

Even though he's only two weeks old I already feel as though Beau's newborn days are slipping away from us. As I said, he won't really sleep during the day, he's very alert and is no where near the size of a little newborn now. Before he was born I had so many photo session ideas that I wanted to capture with Beau during his newborn days, but the click of the camera and the fact that he won't sleep or settle during the day makes it almost impossible to capture a good picture with him - I have two boys and they both hate my camera!

We've already done so much since Beau arrived into our lives - we've taken him on his first walk, brought him to the beach, visited another county, have been out and about every day, taken him to meet relatives, had visitors, etc. and it's meant that the days have flown by.

I said when I was pregnant that I never wanted to be pregnant again - I've stated before that I don't enjoy pregnancy, it's not an easy experience for me, but now that Beau is here I can't imagine never having another baby in our lives. He's an absolute dream and such a little dote, I love him so much and it's as if he was always in our lives. I couldn't imagine life without him now, him and his big brother are my world.



  1. Ahhh he is so adorable, Rainbeau is the most adorable nickname!

    That's exactly how I felt after I had Noah...I KNEW he couldn't be my last, I felt so sad at the thought of him getting older even when he was only weeks old! It was bizzare.

    Even though Sailor was unplanned its like I somehow must have known he was coming, I was so broody already!!! Be careful! ;) lol xx

    1. Thank you hun, rainbeau for our rainbow baby :) Haha I'll heed your warning! I think Jacek would have a heart attack if I got pregnant again before I'm 30! :) x


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