Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Our Month That Was... | May 2016 ♥

May 2016 has been one of the most special and perfect of my life so far. May marks the beginning of summer for me - the Irish seasonal calendar seems to be a bit different from the rest of the world, the brighter, sunnier weather was welcomed with open arms and our little family grew by one more when our beautiful baby boy Beau arrived into the world on May 19th.

May has been a wonderful month for our little family, we went from (impatiently!) waiting for Beau to grace us with us presence to being submerged in a lovely, busy life with two little boys in tow and honestly, we couldn't be happier. We got out and about so much in May, from our last outing as a family of three to the beautiful bluebell woods, a visit to Garryvoe Beach, a trip to the daisy and buttercup meadow and we even took Beau on his first trip to the beach, the lovely Ardmore in Co. Waterford.

May was a month of firsts too. Our first moments with Beau, our first snuggles with him, first feeds, nappy changes, photos... after a three night stay in hospital we were itching to get back to normality and properly begin our lives as a family of four. We've taken Beau on his first walk, first visit to another county, first trip to the beach (as I said above), we've actually been out and about every day since he was born and it's been amazing. It's so different having a summer baby and getting to enjoy the beautiful weather - Tyler Lee was born in February and I remember snow falling on us as we went on our walks...

I took so many pictures in May and I love them all, I love capturing all our lovely memories so that the boys can look back on them all one day. May had us settling into life with two boys and I couldn't have enjoyed these first days of Beau's life more. It's been wonderful seeing Tyler Lee interact with his baby brother, he now tells him he loves him everyday and it's so heartwarming for me to witness.

May, you were so good to us and we were so blessed bringing home a healthy, beautiful baby boy. May was the month that we became complete. My heart has never been more full and I've never been happier. I just hope that June brings even more good times, happy memories and lots of love for our little family of four... ♥


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