Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lamaze | Freddie The Firefly Gym & Freddie The Firefly & Bella The Bunny Soft Toys | Review ♥

Beau is now one month old and for the past few weeks I've been introducing him to some lovely, colourful Lamaze toys which we were sent for him before he was born. I always knew that I wanted to introduce him to toys and sensory play from a young age because I didn't really do this with Tyler Lee and I feel as though he's not as interested in toys now as other children his age. We're big fans of the Lamaze range here, having had many of the years and we love their bright, colourful, fun offerings for little ones to play with, explore their senses and be amused.

We were sent three toys from the Lamaze range - the Freddie the Firefly Gym and Freddie the Firefly and Bella Bunny soft toys, all of which offer a lot of fun for little ones. I have to admit that I've been having fun with these myself too, I just love all the crinkly bits they have so I've been squeezing them for Beau to let him hear and follow the sound.

I set the Freddie the Firefly Gym (€42) up in Beau's nursery on a daily basis - his room is too small to have it up permanently but thankfully it's very easy to assemble and stores away neatly under his cot. I let him lie on the mat looking up at the hanging toys, I then play with them so he can hear the noises. Tyler has also been joining in on Beau's playtime and I think the Freddie the Firefly Gym is a great playmat for including older siblings with baby's playtime too as they can easily lay down beside the mat and play with the hanging toys without disturbing the baby too much.

The Freddie the Firefly Gym comes with a colourful mat and cushion, a firefly hanging toy, two soft teethers and a mirror which all hang from a black and white arch. The mat can be used from birth and offers three playing positions - lying down, tummy time and sitting up, so it will last Beau quite some time. He really seems to love the mat, even from such a young age and looks up at the hanging toys, occasionally batting them but I know he's too young to interact at this age.

The mat is also perfect for his tummy time - now recommended from birth, so I include that within his playtime too. My only bug bear with the mat is that it's quite thin, I'd have loved more padding on it so I could have used it with him on the wooden floor in the living room but due to the thinness of it I can only use it upstairs on the carpeted floors. Otherwise, it's a great playmat and I love how easy it is to assemble and store.

The Freddie the Firefly (€18) and Bella the Bunny (€17) soft toys are fantastic sensory toys for little ones that can be used on the go or attached to baby's pram, car seat or to the side of their cot if they're awake and want to play. I have Freddie the Firefly attached to the hood of Beau's pram so that he can look up at it when he's laying down in it or when we're out walking. This is such a great sensory toy for babies, featuring a soft velour body, large crinkly and textured wings, a teether, clinking rings and knotted antennae for chewing on, it has something to keep even the fussiest of babies amused.

Bella the Bunny is quite similar to Freddie the Firefly, being a good-sized soft toy featuring textured ears, knotted legs, a carrot shaped mirror and a rattly tummy. I've attached Bella the Bunny to Beau's Freddie the Firefly Gym just to give him something additional to look at and interact with.

Lamaze toys are perfect for little ones, their bright colours and patterns are very eye-catching for babies to look at, their crinkles, rattles and squeakers are great for little ears and their different textures are great for little fingers to explore and feel. We're very impressed with the three toys we were sent from the Lamaze range and I have no doubt that these won't be the last in Beau's toy collection.

*We were sent the Lamaze toys for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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