Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Home Decor | Shabby Chic Bathroom Inspiration ♥

I recently saw a photo on Instagram of a beautiful shabby chic inspired bathroom and ever since then I've been wanting to give our bathroom a shabby chic inspired makeover, always being a lover of the style. I live in a house with three boys so it's not hard to see why I need some femininity in my home and I think the bathroom is a room which can be made to look very pretty if styled in the right way.

The cottage next to my parents house, and where I lived on my own when I was 19, has a shabby chic inspired bathroom and I love it. It's also a lot bigger than our bathroom here so I'm a little bit sad that I don't still live there - it only has one bedroom so it wouldn't be ideal for a family of four! The bathroom had a huge makeover years ago when my stepdad's mother still lived there. As she was quite old the bathroom had to be replaced to cope with her needs. The bath was replaced with a shower with a sit down area within it - such as the ones available from Bathing Solutions, as well as hand rails next to the shower and toilet. It was so important to replace the bathroom for her so that she could keep her independence and stay in her home, something which everyone strives for in old age I'm sure. Bathing Solutions are currently running a campaign to help break barriers in how we view old age and I think the purpose of this campaign is fantastic. You can read more about the #breakingbarriers campaign here.

As she also loved the shabby chic look the bathroom was styled with white net curtains, voile topped windows, fresh flowers in old glass bottles on the windowsill, as well as little trinket boxes and white metal towel holders and shelving. It's such a beautiful space and I really want to try and recreate something similar in our house.

I've been inspired by the pictures featured above and would love to recreate elements from these bathrooms in my own home.

The ruffled shower curtain is just beautiful and really ties in well with the shabby chic theme. The one featured is actually available to buy on Etsy so that's quite handy for anyone who'd love a shower curtain like that.

The sink with the floral tiled splash-back and the fabric storage hider is lovely and would actually fit in well in our bathroom as we have under sink storage which I'd like to cover up. I think something like this would be relatively cheap to recreate too.

I absolutely love the picture of the decorated glass bottles above. My mother has a collection of old glass bottles which I think I'm going to have to raid to try and find ones like in the picture. They're perfect for holding fresh flowers and would look lovely on the windowsill.

The metal wall shelves are a great space saver and are perfect for the shabby chic theme. I'd put these on the wall to hold our abundance of toiletries - tell me we're not the only people who constantly buy more bath and shower stuff even though we have loads already?

I'm in love with the towels featured on the heated towel rack above, I need to find floral print towels for my own bathroom. You can find a lovely selection of towels and bathrobes from, all in a wide range of colours and which can be personalised too.

I've been so inspired by these pictures that I really want to make some changes to the bathroom next week. I'll do a little feature on the blog when it's all done too.

Are you a fan of the shabby chic style? Have you had to change your bathroom to accommodate an elderly person, just like in my old cottage?

*This is a collaborative post.



  1. As i'm getting older shabby chic is certainly becoming more appealing!
    i love how people decorate their homes with it but not sure I would be able to pull it off!

  2. I do love shabby chic too! Have always loved the look and this is just my type too. It's beautiful!

  3. I love how the towels match the wallpaper! I love touches of shabby chic in the home I think it makes it look more welcoming

  4. That's lovely. You need to have a gift to master shabby chic though and you clearly do. i tried it before and it just looked shabby!

  5. Those are really gorgeous pictures, I can see why they have inspired you. My bathrooms are really dull, maybe it's time for a rethink?

  6. Looks gorgeous. I do love florals and patterns in bathrooms and pastels are perfect for summer as well. Usually any white furniture goes well in the theme, like the metal shelves you've mentioned. Cute!

    Alina | interior lifestyle blog

  7. I do love shabby chic, but I think it would really get to me after a while, perhaps one room of the house only x

  8. I love shabby chic but annoyingly hubby doesn't lol. If only I had a spare room I could decorate x

  9. So lovely! My husband and I do no agree on shabby chic unfortunately, but your style is beautiful x

  10. I love everything here! Shabby Chic is my favourite, love these :)

  11. This is lovely! Florals always look so cozy


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