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Beau's Birth Story ♥

On May 19th at 7.05pm our beautiful baby boy Beau Samuel James entered the world and our lives were filled with even more love and joy for this precious little babe. I wanted to share Beau's birth story here as this blog is a keepsake for my boys and I and I like to have our memories recorded here for them and I to look back on one day. I also have Tyler Lee's birth story on the blog and it's amazing to me how different both pregnancies, labour's and deliveries were for me.

I awoke at around three o' clock on the morning of May 19th and I just knew something was different - I had had a similar feeling when I was about to go into labour with my eldest, it's a feeling that makes you certain a change is in the air. I began having regular contractions quite quickly, they were between six to two minutes apart and I began to get excited, hoping that the baby would be in my arms quite soon (I had a 31 hour long labour on Tyler Lee and it was agony!).

The contractions at that time were painful but manageable through breathing - I even did a full face of makeup through them and once my mother had arrived to look after Tyler Lee, who was still asleep as this was now almost five o' clock in the morning, Jacek and I set off for the hospital - not without forgetting my maternity notes, which we had to go back for!

When we arrived at the hospital I had a short wait in the emergency room, which surprisingly was empty, before being called in by a midwife. After an examination she told me that my cervix was too far back at that time and that I wasn't actually in labour, even though I was still having regular contractions.  Apparently the second sweep I had had the day before had made my body think it was in labour without actually putting it in labour - if that makes sense.

I was advised to stay in the hospital until lunch time to see if anything would progress and if not we would be allowed home. I was given a bed upstairs and Jacek stayed with me, we both fell asleep - which was much needed considering what was going to happen later on in the day!

I was still having the contractions but they had gone from being regular to quite sporadic and they were very mild at this stage. We made the decision to go home at quarter past one, but not without being told by a lovely older midwife that if they got to three minutes apart again we had to come straight back up to the hospital. In all honesty I wish we had just stayed there!

In the car on the way home the contractions began to start up again - typical as we had literally just left the hospital! Jacek dropped me home and headed to work to do some orders and the moment he left the contractions began to get quite painful again and were between three to four minutes apart. During all this my mother dropped Tyler Lee home to me and had to leave for a hospital appointment - it was then that things got bad. I was upstairs in agony and had to leave Tyler Lee downstairs watching television - I didn't want to scare him as at this stage I was crying from the pain and the contractions had now become two minutes apart. I filled up the bath with hot water hoping it would ease the pain but it didn't and I had to call Jacek to come home. Once he was here I has to get him to ring the emergency room - I couldn't even talk at this stage and they told us to come straight up. Tyler Lee had to be dropped to my aunts house and when Jacek came back I couldn't even walk to the car as the contractions were coming every minute and were the worst pain imaginable. I was dreading the car journey back up as it was now rush hour traffic and I just wanted to lie down.

I was delirious with the pain on that car ride back to hospital, I couldn't open my eyes and was seeing colours like I was having a vivid dream - I have no idea what was causing this! I made it clear to Jacek through panted breath that as soon as we arrived in the hospital I needed a wheelchair and to go straight into the emergency room, I didn't want to wait anywhere for them to call me as by this stage I wanted to scream and could feel lots of pressure. Luckily a young midwife came out to the car and wheeled me straight in. This was at ten to six.

That same midwife examined me and told me I was only one to two centimeters at this stage. She placed a monitor on my bump and left us to ourselves for awhile, during this time my waters broke - on my previous pregnancy they hadn't broke until I was literally about to push on the delivery table so this was quite different too. Another midwife then examined me and told me I was now five centimetres and had to go straight to delivery.

Once in the delivery suite Jacek left to get the baby's bag from the car and the midwife was asking me what pain relief I wanted, my reply was - "Anything you have!". I couldn't even move at this stage but she helped me on the bed and to get undressed, it was then that she told me we wouldn't have time for an epidural, she then stated that she couldn't leave the room as the baby was about to arrive. I remember I kept apologising to her for not being able to move and talk, her response always was - "We don't listen to sorry here!". Thankfully Jacek came back by then and I was given the hose to the gas and air  machine, but I'm certain it wasn't even turned on, it was doing nothing, whereas on my previous delivery it had been a godsend! I just abandoned it altogether then as I couldn't even breathe through it as I had to scream.

A short amount of pushes and blood curdling screams later (seriously, those screams had come from some dark place deep inside my being!) our beautiful boy had arrived at 7.05pm - just over an hour since we had arrived back in hospital. I was amazed that it all happened so quick and was actually quite shocked if I'm honest. I honestly can't believe I had him on my own, with no pain relief and as quickly as I did either. It's so strange to be able to remember almost every detail and I'm so glad it was a natural, unaided birth - Tyler Lee had a vacuum delivery and I think it affected him more than we knew.

No one had announced baby's gender so I looked at Jacek and asked if it was a boy, he nodded yes. He was then asked if he'd like to cut the cord, which he did and this was a new experience for him too as he didn't get to do it with Tyler Lee. Beau was then placed on my chest for skin to skin and this was such a precious moment for me. I just sat there taking in every morsel of his appearance and my first words to him were - "Hello baby, I love you".

I needed a stitch so Jacek was able to get skin to skin contact with Beau during this, it was lovely watching them both together, he even thanked me for the baby - such a sweet moment I'll never forget. Our baby boy was then weighed and was a whopping 9lbs 11oz! The midwife then dressed him and handed him back to me for breastfeeding and cuddles.

Jacek and I were then left on our own with Beau and these first few minutes on our own were so wonderful. We phoned family to tell them he had arrived and then just spent time together cooing over the baby. He was so beautiful and I don't think we could quite believe that he was already with us and that he was ours.

We are so in love with our little prince, once again the pain was completely worth it and we're blessed to have another beautiful and healthy baby boy.



  1. A lovely birth story congratulations once again

  2. Wow, so in the end Beau was a very quick, but incredibly painful sounding, birth and you did it essentially all on your own you clever thing and just look how beautiful he is x

  3. Oh wow Fiona, what a story!!! It sounds as though you did AMAZING! You're wonder woman to deliver a 9lb 11oz baby with no pain relief!!! I can't believe he's such a big boy, he looks so absolutely teeny in photos! xx

  4. Aww, congratulations on the birth of your son. Such a lovely picture and name :) I had pain relief for 3 but not my 4th. I remember the pain like it was yesterday, eek nearly 11 years ago now..

  5. Such a beautiful story, it actually brought tears to my eyes towards the end (perhaps because I am 37 weeks pregnant and pretty emotional right now!). You did an amazing job, well done lovely. So excited about welcoming our second little one very soon too! Emily

  6. Oh my goodness, I was reading with abated breath! So glad your birth story ended well and you have another beautiful little boy :) x Congratulations!

  7. Gosh that did all happen very quickly once you got back to the hospital. I bet the car ride was awful. I remember my car ride too and just remember it being all blurry x

  8. Wow you are brave to have had a natural birth but well done for getting through it. Beau is beautiful as well.

  9. You've gone through a lot and it's all worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing such a personal story.

    Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  10. Sounds like a lovely calm birth - I had four of mine with no pain relief and I remember it so much more vividly than I do the other two

  11. What an emotional story, thank you for sharing it xx

  12. Congratulations!!!! I can relate to the screams, my second ame out with nothing but gas and air which was usless plus she was back to back, OUCH!

  13. Huge congratulations Fiona on Beaus birth, thanks for sharing the story. I hope to experience being a parent (in whatever form) one day

  14. I am pleased that your labour was such a nice experience this time around. He is utterly gorgeous and I adore his name xx

  15. Love the name Beau, so beautiful. What a great birth story. My little boy was born on the 22nd May :)


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