Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beau Samuel James | 3 Weeks Old ♥

Our beautiful boy, Beau Samuel James, is now three weeks old and it has honestly been the fastest three weeks of my life. Life with two small boys in tow is definitely a lot busier than I imagined but it's been great and I love seeing them interact together.

Beau now recognises his big brothers voice and moves his head to look in Tyler Lee's direction when he hears him. I've so far filmed two videos of them together and hope to do more over the weekend, it's so lovely to see them together and myself and Tyler Lee love looking back on the videos - they'll act as precious keepsakes for us in the coming years I'm sure. A lovely lady on Instagram said to me that Beau looks like Tyler as if he hung the moon and I thought that was such a lovely way to put it. It's amazing to me that Beau already seems to love his brother so much, giving little awe-inspired grins and smiles whenever he hears Tyler Lee's voice.

On Thursday morning Beau had his two week checkup with our doctor and nurse and wow is he a big boy. He was already a whopper at birth, weighing a huge 9lbs 11oz but he is now weighing a massive 11lbs 8oz! Funnily enough though he doesn't have those chubby fat rolls on his arms and legs that some bigger babies do and people have told me that he doesn't even look that big! I think his height helps him to look smaller though as he's a very tall 57cm. He's in the 95th percentile for his weight and height so I think he's going to be a tall boy.

He has outgrown his up to one month babygros and I don't think I was prepared for it to happen so quickly. I now have them put away to get a memory bear or bunny made out of. He is now in his 0-3 month babygros but as they only go up to 14lbs I don't think he'll be in them for very long either - he's been putting on a pound in weight every week! Tyler Lee weighed 12lbs 2oz at 10 weeks and I think Beau is definitely going to pass him out on that well before he reaches 10weeks.

It's not surprising that Beau has been growing quite quickly as he's been feeding a lot. We've had to put him on the hungrier baby formula as he was wanting to feed every hour and even now he can still seem hungry after a feed. He's now taking 5oz bottles, sometimes leaving the last ounce but he's getting better with finishing them. I've tried to keep up with breastfeeding him but he's just not interested and breaks his latch after about two minutes, he much prefers his bottle.

Beau is a fantastic sleeper and we're honestly so blessed with him. He only wakes once at night (*touch wood*) and goes back to sleep quite quickly after his feed. Last night he fell asleep at about 8.45 and slept until 3.45. He always seems to do these six hour stretches and once he's asleep it's impossible to wake him up for a feed. As he sleeps all night he's quite alert during the day and I've had him in his swing, on his playmat and in his pram looking at his hanging toys.

He is such a little pet and loves nothing better than being in my arms, in fact, I'm having to write this post with one finger because he wanted to be held! I've been babywearing with him with both our Kari-Me wrap and our Rockin' Baby sling and he loves it, falling asleep instantly as soon as he's in them.

Beau is honestly such a dream, he's a placid, happy baby who just wants to be snuggled. He loves music and one of my favourite Deftones songs, Prince, seems to put him to sleep straight away - so strange as I had the song stuck in my head towards the end of my pregnancy. So far the only things he seems to hate are baths and being in his car seat, but I'm sure he'll warm to them soon. We couldn't have asked for a lovelier baby and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

We all love you so much baby Beau.



  1. Aww he is such a cutie can't believe he is 3 weeks already

  2. he is so gorgeous. How wonderful to have him! He has a lovely name too!

  3. He is so adorable! Welcome to the world Beau!

  4. He is such a cutie and wow - that is a lot of weight to put on. My babies were all tiny in height lol

  5. Aww, he is so sweet :) lovely pictures ...

  6. He is adorable, I wonder if his hair will be the same as Tyler-Lee x

  7. He is just the cutest. Your pictures are so gorgeous. He sounds like such a perfect little bundle. x

  8. So pleased to hear he's doing well. He's just adorable


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