Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Travel Destination Dreams | Thailand ♥

Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand. Photography credit: Jonny Clow

As a family we love to travel. Jacek saw a fair share of the world before we became a couple, (something I may be a little bit jealous of!) but one part of the world neither of us have been fortunate to explore yet is Asia. One destination we'd both love to visit and experience the delights of is Thailand. We had actually spoken about going on holiday to Thailand last year but life just got in the way, however, it's still a place we dream about visiting and the fact that so many friends of ours have visited already and have shared their stunning pictures with us has made us want to visit even more.

When I was a teenager I had a poster of the breathtaking Phi Phi Islands on my wall and I was adamant that I would always experience the view in that poster for myself, to me it looked like the most beautiful place on Earth with it's white sands and clear blue waters.

I can't say that seeing the film The Beach (with the gorgeous Leonardo diCaprio) didn't make me long to visit Thailand either. The scenery in that film is absolutely stunning and shows just how beautiful Thailand really is. As you can see, it's the relaxing beach holiday aspect of Thailand that appeals to me most - how could it not when I've never experienced a beach or waters like that before?

Although Jacek loves the idea of a beach holiday too (he is from South Africa after all and longs for the sun), he always has to visit somewhere cultural when we travel and learn some of the history of the place we're visiting, hence why Thailand is a place he'd really love to visit. I can see him wanting to explore the Phanom Rung, Ayuthaya and Bangkok to see the culture and history firsthand for himself.

Thailand is a destination that really does offer us both the relaxing and cultural elements that we both want to experience when we travel, hence why it's a dream destination for us and one we really do hope to see for ourselves soon.

Have you ever been to Thailand? Is there any specific place in the country that you'd recommend?

Photography credit for images 1-4: Travelbag


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