Monday, May 30, 2016

Life With Two Boys ♥

It's been eleven days since our precious Beau arrived into the world and a whole week since we brought him home from hospital. It honestly feels like he was always with us, he's settled into our home so well and already has such a brilliant routine (which I feel apprehensive about writing about in case I jinx it - I'm touching all the wood!), he really is a blessing and has been so good to us - I think he knows that his mummy and daddy need their sleep!

As you may have read on the blog during my pregnancy, I was so worried about Tyler Lee and how he would adjust to life with a new baby in the house, sadly my fears came true and he has had some very upset moments, telling me that he's not my friend anymore, he keeps asking for 'mummy, daddy and Tyler' days and has been acting up quite a bit trying to get mine and Jacek's attention. We've had to take his beloved washing machine toy off him on more than one occasion to try and teach him that he can't be naughty and thankfully this seems to be working.

I don't think I was properly prepared for the tantrums, but I can definitely sympathise with how he feels, having his mummy to himself every day for over three years to suddenly having to share, it's a big adjustment for him but Jacek and I are trying our best to make sure that he still gets lots of attention, feels loved and is happy. We even got him a new washing machine toy (I swear we're giving Dot Cotton a run for her money with our own mini launderette!) from Beau and he was absolutely delighted, I think this really helped him to warm to the baby. He now asks to hold Beau, says good morning and good night to him, wants to interact with him more and more and I even caught him sitting by Beau's cot saying "what a lovely baby", it was so sweet to witness.

Jacek went back to work two days ago and thankfully my first days with the boys have gone well - life with two boys is definitely busy but so lovely too. As I said, we have a great routine going on at the moment, Beau is only waking up once at night for about an hour and is then sleeping until seven, the time that Tyler gets up too. I change them (Tyler still has no interest in potty training, I'm really hoping this changes soon) and bring them downstairs, putting Tyler in his Stokke Steps chair to have his breakfast while I feed Beau. We then all get washed and dressed - funnily enough I've had a chance to do a full face of makeup everyday, even this morning on a school run day, I'm amazed as I thought I'd be looking like a wreck. The only thing I'm having trouble with is keeping Tyler entertained during the day, he's not a child who likes to be by himself so he gets bored easily and wants me to play with him, which can be hard when the baby is feeding, but we'll get there. Bedtime is our busiest time of the day, I give Tyler his dinner while I feed Beau and then a shower or bath before bed. We're trying to keep his bedtime at half seven but he's been wanting to stay up later now the evenings are brighter, he keeps telling me it's morning!

We've been out every day since we brought Beau home too. It's been so lovely getting out and about with them both, I felt so cooped up during my pregnancy that getting out in the fresh air again has been great. I took them both to the playground on my own yesterday and it was my first time driving them both in the car too - I was actually quite anxious about having them both in the back, my precious cargo and all that. We're trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as we can and I'm trying to take Tyler to places he enjoys so that he's happy and knows that we can still do fun things even though the baby is here now.

Life with our two boys is going so well and I'm so happy with them both, even through the trying moments when the older one wants to act up and the little one waits until the very moment I'm changing his nappy so that he can pee all over me! I'm so looking forward to seeing their relationship grow and seeing them interact with each other more and more. I'd love for them to be super close and I'm so happy I have two boys, it's lovely having brothers to see grow up together. These boys are my world and I'm loving these beautiful summer days with them...


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