Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TOMY Britains | John Deere 7310R Tractor & Big Farm JCB 550-800 Loadall | Review

As a mother to a little boy our house is filled with a plethora of cars, trains and trucks, all of which my son is obsessed with and could play with for hours. Recently he's begun getting interested in tractors and farm toys too, having discovered his uncles old model JCB and fallen in love with it. Now anytime we're out and about in the car and pass a JCB or a tractor Tyler Lee has to declare to me that one is passing us and he gets very excited, so you can imagine his surprise when I presented him with a John Deere tractor and JCB all of his very own.

This John Deere tractor and JCB are part of the fantastic TOMY Britains range, a collection of farming themed toys and collectables for boys and girls alike. I have to admit, I loved playing with tractors and farm toys when I was a child so it's great to see my son being interested in them too.

The Big Farm JCB 550-800 Loadall (£34.99) is an amazing toy for little ones. It's quite large in size and comes with extendable arm, a bucket that moves backwards and forwards and is also interchangable with palettes etc., working steering wheel, lights and realistic engine sounds - this replica really does have it all.

My boy loves this JCB toy and as it's suitable for indoor and outdoor play he loves to take it out to his sandpit (reviewed here) and scoop sand up in the bucket. The JCB is very well made and won't be broken easily, even by the heaviest of hands! Tyler Lee loves that the steering wheel actually works and moves all the wheels at once, just like a real JCB.

The John Deere 7310R (£26.99) is a fantastic model of a real John Deere tractor and is made from die-cast metal. This toy reminded me of the metal tractor models my brother had as a child (and has still kept to this day) and it's something quite special indeed, especially for little ones who love their tractors.

This tractor is compatible with other toys with other Britains replica models, making it perfect for those who want to build up a collection. I have to admit, part of me wanted to leave this tractor in it's box as it's great replica, but then I think it's quite sad to see toys not being played with so I just had to give it to Tyler Lee. I'm glad to say he loves it.

The TOMY Britains collection really is perfect for little farm lovers. The toys are made to fantastic quality and so true to the real life models of these vehicles. As I said, I didn't want to take the John Deere tractor out of the box as it was so true to life and something quite special. The Britains range would be perfect for little ones who want to build up a collection of farmyard toys and I envision us having plenty more of them in the house of the coming years. Tyler Lee loves his new tractor and loadall, as you can probably tell by the pictures!

*We were sent these products for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.



  1. These look lots of fun I know Blake would just love them as he loves this kind of thing at the moment.

    1. Oh how lovely, well we definitely recommend them. Tyler loves them!

  2. They look fab! When my daughter was younger she loved tractors too. Good thing my husband's dad kept some of his old toys :)

  3. My boy went through a tractor / digger phase. He would have loved this!

  4. Sebastian adores tractors - I cannot wait to get the sandpit out and let him loose with his

  5. These look like awesome toys. My daughter has a thing for diggers at the moment so I'm now having to shop both gender departments for toys.

  6. My nephew is Tractor/Digger obsessed right now and just wants them all x

  7. The attention to detail is fantastic. It really looks like a real tractor and I love what you have done for the location too.

  8. Ahh this looks awesome!! What a great toy!! My daughter likes tractors too but my nephew is obsessed. We bought him a big one to drive for his birthday. I'll check them out! :) xx

  9. My son would have loved this kind of toy when he was little. I bet it's a huge hit with digger and tractor fans

  10. My little boy loves diggers and tractors, these look really great and sturdy too.

  11. Toby would LOVE these! He's absolutely obsessed with tractors and diggers!xx


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