Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pappe | Beau Bloomer & Putney Luxe Organic T-Shirt

I love to feature children's fashion on the blog whenever I can, introducing my readers to beautiful new brands and getting to experience new and unique fashions for my boy. I've spoken before about how difficult I think it is to find gorgeous clothes for little boys - unless you know where to look of course. I'm not a fan of character clothing (unless done in a subtle and stylish way, such as the classic Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit outfits I've featured on Tyler Lee before), garish colours and dinosaur prints, all of which are found in abundance in the boys section in high-street stores and this is why I search online for stylish and unique clothing for my son - why should his clothes be any less special just because he's a boy?

I was recently introduced to the delightful Australian baby and toddler designer wear brand Pappe and I immediately fell in love with their offerings. "Inspired by the contrast between traditional children’s wear, and contemporary trends, Pappe combines nostalgia and modernity, with beautiful design and world-class fabrics". Pappe's clothes have a timeless and minimalist feel to them and the fabrics used in their pieces is nothing short of pure quality.

Tyler Lee was very kindly sent two pieces from Pappe's toddler range to sample and I immediately fell in love with them when they arrived, packaged beautifully in a white box with tissue paper and a copper seal, it felt like he was receiving something very special indeed. 

The t-shirt Tyler Lee is wearing is the Putney Luxe Organic T-Shirt ($34.95), which is a crisp white t-shirt made from the finest organic Turkish cotton and elastane jersey. The fabric of the t-shirt is soft, quite thick and feels quite luxurious - you can immediately tell that this isn't any ordinary t-shirt and in fact, I think it looks rather smart and compliments the bloomers he was also sent perfectly. The t-shirt is age 3 and I was concerned that it wouldn't fit him as it seemed quite snug but it actually fits perfectly.

Tyler Lee was also sent the Beau Bloomer ($74.95) which are the most adorable set of shorts I've laid eyes on for a toddler. I just love the fit of these, they have such a classic style to them and are perfect for teaming with little socks and t-bar shoes, as I did in the styling for the photos. The mid-blue colour of the bloomer is perfect for summer and as these are made from cotton and linen they are light enough for little ones to wear on warm, sunny days whilst remaining comfortable. The Beau Bloomer has an elasticated waist which makes them comfortable for even the most boisterous of toddlers (like my boy!) to wear. Tyler Lee was actually sent the Beau Bloomer in a size 2 and it fits perfectly, amazing considering he's over the age of three now, it just goes to show how generous the fit is.

I would recommend Pappe's clothing to anyone who is looking for clothing that is well made, stylish and classic looking for their little ones. You can immediately tell that these clothes are coming from a designer brand from first touch, the quality and fit really does speak for itself and I really do love the minimalist, timeless design each piece from their range has - no garish items to be seen here! Another great element to Pappe's collection is that their pieces are unisex, the outfit that Tyler Lee is wearing would look equally as lovely on a little girl and I love that ease of wear.

You can browse the full collection of Pappe's stunning baby and toddler clothing here.

Tyler Lee wears:
T-shirt - c/o Pappe
Bloomers - c/o Pappe
Cardigan - H&M
Socks - here
Shoes - Little Bird at Mothercare



  1. Your boy is the cutest and I love all his tops, especially the stripes since I'm such a big fan of them. My daughter also has lots of striped tops and dresses :)

  2. Your boy is such a cutie and this outfit is lovely. I'm afraid it is way out of my price range though. Considering how fast kids get through clothing nearly $100 for one outfit is crazy. It does look exceptionally nice though.

    1. Thank you Toni. The prices are in Australian dollars so it doesn't work out too bad, not for me with the Euro anyway.

  3. I love understated clothing and these shorts are adorable. Of course Sebby is drawn to the huge pictures of Thomas on some t-shirts so he has a mix of both

  4. I do find it disappointing when there is a lack of boys clothing because females have a lot more variety.

  5. Tyler Lee's clothing are always so cute. I love the bloomers he is wearing.

  6. ADORABLE. Your son AND the outfit. Google pampers swaddlers size 6. Your boy looks just like the model on the box. I should now, I just had a jumbo sized delivered for my little guy (and I can't wait to see him in these stripes! Thanks for the tip).

  7. Seriously his hair... if this new baby has Tyler hair I dont think I will cope x

  8. Those shorts are super cute. A real mix of traditional and contemporary styling. And that hair! That poor boy is going to have some girl head over heels one day just because of that gorgeous hair!

  9. He is absolutely adorable and I love those curls. It does seem that boys get left behind when it comes to stylish clothes that are "themed." These clothes are simply adorable and I will be checking them out for my nephew.

  10. What a handsome little boy you have! I love the beau bloomers! What a versatile item for little kids and the Putney Luxe T-shirt has got to be a staple in every kid's closet.

  11. What a lovely collection. I've never heard of the brand before. The pics you took are gorgeous x

  12. My little one is outgrowing his clothes! I haven't ever bought him organize clothing, but am willing to give it a try. He doesn't like the feel of some of his clothing.

  13. He really looks cute in fashionable attire. I love the fluffy hair look. It's nice to wear comfortable fabric that's made with high quality. These are investment pieces everyone would have to keep in their wardrobe.

  14. Check out those cute curls! He looks remarkably dapper in these pics. Nice choices :)

  15. I'm still grasping the idea of Organic clothes but this definitely looks super comfy and still fashionable. Great post!

  16. He is so cute, what adorable clothes and stunning photography!


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