Monday, April 11, 2016

How To Create A Cottage Garden

The older I get, the more I enjoy spending time in the garden. I think it's so important to get some fresh air every day, especially for the little ones and as I'm about to become a mother of two, upgrading our garden is something I've beginning to think a lot about lately. We currently live in a rented house with a pebble covered garden - not exactly ideal for little ones or very comfortable for sitting out in during the summer months, hence why I always prefer to go out to my parents huge garden on sunny days, it's beautiful out there and is very close to how I would envision my dream garden to be - very cottage inspired, full of flowers and lots of places to explore.

I've spoken on the blog before about how I'd love for us to grow our own fruit and vegetables as a family, so a greenhouse would be a key element in my dream garden. I love the thought of a dwarf wall brick greenhouse, they have such a classic look to them and a walled garden I'm fortunate enough to be able to visit in the summer has one and it's a really beautiful feature. There are so many different designs of greenhouses for sale from companies such as Green House Stores so you can really find something perfect for your garden.

It's no secret that I love flowers, after all, they feature quite heavily on my blog and I've always envisioned my dream garden to be quite cottage-like, with lots of wild flowers growing everywhere. I like gardens with a bit of chaos to them and love seeing a carpet of wild flowers with splashes of different colours in flowerbeds. My dream garden would have lots of poppies, giant daisies, lavender, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths, all of which make for perfect photo opportunities as well as being pretty to look at.

I'll have two children soon and having somewhere safe and fun for them to play in the garden is very important to me. It's my dream to get Tyler Lee and his new sibling a wooden playhouse, which I would paint in a duck egg blue with a white door and white window frames. I spotted a cottage playhouse not so long ago and fell in love with it, it's the stuff that childhood dreams are made of.

Tyler Lee loves swings and slides so these would also have to feature in my dream garden. I love the idea of a good old-fashioned rope swing hanging from a tree, much like the one we discovered (and all enjoyed!) when we visited Jersey Lavender Garden.

I'd also love a little seating area with a white bench, much like the one in my parents garden. I'd decorate the seating area with potted plants in my pastel coloured pots and some hanging bird feeders - I love the ones I found not long ago that resemble teacups and teapots, they're very sweet and so whimsical, perfect for a cottage inspired garden.

So those are the things that would feature in my dream cottage inspired garden. I hope one day when we have a house of our own that we can make all these things a reality and have an outdoor space that we can all enjoy. For now we'll have to enjoy the delights of my parents garden, which is pictured above, isn't it beautiful? All of those purple flowers make for a lot of butterflies in the summer.

What would feature in your dream garden?



  1. My dream garden would be something like this too, with lots of wild flowers. Wanted wooden Wendy playhouse for T too, but I'm wondering if she's a bit too old for one now. But would be perfect for your little ones :) Dean of Little Steps

  2. My dream garden would definitely be something like this. I'd love to grow my own fruit and veg. At the moment we only live in a flat so have no garden.

  3. WOW! I am loving your dream garden, amazing ideas! My dream garden would be very big, full of tropical fruit trees and palm trees, with a lake at the bottom of the garden! :)

  4. I love your pictures - my mum has a stunning garden with her thatched cottage, its unbelieveable how much works goes into it

  5. To be honest my dream garden would look exactly the same as yours but your garden already looks so pretty!

  6. Oh my now that is a garden of dreams isn't it, how beautiful x

  7. We rent a house and have 2 small children and our back yard is just concrete, hardly ideal. Im so looking forward to having our own place with a garden where the kids can play. Marie ☺

  8. Wow this gives me garden envy.. can see why it's your dream garden, truly is stunning xx

  9. I am loving the idea of your dream garden, I would love one too but would need to hire a gardener as I am crap at maintaining any gardens


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