Thursday, April 07, 2016

34 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

I turn 35 weeks pregnant today and the countdown to baby's arrival feels well and truly on now. My 34th week of pregnancy has been filled with busyness and high emotions once again. We have so much to do before baby arrives and I feel as though everything is just getting on top of me at the moment. My energy levels are at an all-time low and most days I can't even find the energy to blog or photograph anything, it's just not like me at all and I can't wait for the day when I feel normal again.

I've had some worries about Tyler Lee this week, mainly about his speech - which has come on in leaps and bounds recently but still isn't where it should be. I worry so much about him and his ability to communicate with other people and I admit, I couldn't stop crying on Tuesday from feeling like I've failed him. A meeting with his pre-school has put my mind at ease a little but I still can't help but worry about him, until this baby arrives Tyler Lee is my first and main priority.

This week my silent reflux has improved a little, I think maybe because baby has gotten lower. I've started having pains in the top of my legs and inner thighs which is supposedly from the weight of my uterus on a nerve. I never had this with my last pregnancy, it's amazing how different they can be.

We still have so much to do and get before baby arrives. The nursery still has to be painted, a new cot has to be bought as well as a baby swing. I need to get things for the hospital bags and get them packed too and I'm beginning to stress out about just how much is left to do before baby arrives, I feel like we won't have time to do it all!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - pineapple, according to my Ovia pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - getting the nursery done. It's been cleared out, it just needs to be painted now and then we can start getting all the bits for it, including a new cot.

My favourite moment was - enjoying some sunshine in my parents garden, I love it out there when it's sunny.

I've been feeling - very tired, I just want to sleep all the time.
I've been buying for baby - I've bought two gorgeous vintage outfits for the baby from Etsy. One is a vintage Peter Rabbit outfit which I got for the absolute bargain of €9. The other is a vintage baby blue and white knitted two piece from the 1950's which I just couldn't resist, I'm so drawn to baby blues during this pregnancy. We also bought the baby a coat for the winter and a new set of bottles as Tyler Lee's old ones were all chalky from sitting in the cupboard. Baby was also gifted the sweet little crisp white and navy outfit featured in the photographs in this post. The outfit is from Pappe, a designer baby and toddler clothes brand based in Australia. This is the teeniest, tiniest baby outfit I've ever seen! The top is the Nimmy Luxe Organic Romper - Short Sleeve, which is super soft and will be lovely on baby on warm, summer days. I love the embellishment of the silver Pappe branded buttons on it too. The bottoms are the Joy Stretchy Leggings which are adorable with their navy polkadot design. Once again these are so soft and will look gorgeous when teamed with the romper. The bib is the Mossy Mossy Organic Bib which is very classic looking with it's simple navy design, I love how it matches the romper and leggings perfectly. I really love the Pappe brand, their pieces are luxe and perfect for little ones and the photography on their site is just amazing, do have a peek. A big thank you to Pappe for the beautiful outfit.

I'm missing - a full, uninterrupted good nights sleep. I've been having the most bizarre dreams lately and just waking up during the night for no reason.

I'm craving - still nothing, I can't believe that we still have lots of Easter eggs left in the house too. Even chocolate isn't appealing to me!
I'm loving - slowly getting everything organised for baby's arrival.

I've been meaning to - make that GP appointment, I'm absolutely awful and still haven't done it and maybe there's no point now as I'm back up in the hospital on Wednesday.
I can't wait for - our next hospital appointment on April 13th at 36 weeks.



  1. Glad your silent reflux has improved and hope it continuous to do so. Those baby clothes are so adorable. Make me want to have another one. We've tried, but sadly, I don't think it's going to happen. Anyway, exciting times! Wishing you all the best :) xx

  2. Baby #2 will be here very soon. Sounds like exciting times. I wish you the best of luck in the final stages of your pregnancy.

    #AtoZChallenge F is for Fitzgerald

  3. Don't panic about Tyler's vocabulary - Sebastian is where he should be in everything but his speech but I know he will get there. His speech is improving on a daily basis. Keep talking to him and he will start to copy and repeat you and one day you will be shocked when he suddenly comes out with a sentence

  4. Let me tell you about Eve. Her speech was causing us worry. Jenny had set the bar high and Eve just wasn't keeping up. We discussed speech therapy but settled on giving her a little more time. Six months later, she was chattering away and telling stories. Don't feel like you've failed. Eve was just shy. It'll happen when it's meant to. :)

  5. Very exciting times! I think that from my experience of my nephew most children, especially boys, just do things when they are ready to.

  6. Aw dont panic about his talking hun, my nephew barely said a word until he went to pre-school and then he never shut up x

  7. I wouldn't worry at all about his speech. Little man was quite late in starting to talk, I must confess I was quite worried at the time as he was behind his peers. But then suddenly he picked it up and now he is so bright. Every child develops at a different rate! :)

  8. My little t is 4 this month and he doesnt speak much, he progresses though which inwas told by my health visitor is fine. Its difficult sometimes whejnhe cant communicate but he will in his own time. Good luck with the last few weeks of your pregnancy. Marie ☺

  9. Congratulations! I love reading pregnancy updates - it's so lovely to read about the excitement that comes with expecting a baby! I didn't crave anything during my two pregnancies either. I was a little bit gutted about that tbh! x

  10. Don't beat yourself up hun children progress at different stages so Tyler Lee will get there xxx

  11. I hope all is okay with your little one's speech, try not to worry, Einstein didn't speak til he was about 8! I hope you enjoy getting things done and manage to get some sleep before baby arrives. I have a week until my due date and haven't done a nursery etc because we're moving house, eeek!xx


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