Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Things We Always Bring On Our Outdoor Adventures ♥

As a family, we go on a lot of outdoor adventures together, whether it's just Tyler Lee and I whilst Jacek is working or the three of us together on one of his sunny day offs, and this is an aspect of our life which I really love. We've traveled to a lot of places around Ireland with our son in tow and to some destinations further a field too and I've found that there's always some staple items we take with us just to make our adventures more comfortable for us all.

Comfortable shoes/wellies for Tyler Lee if needed and a change of socks - We can do a lot of walking on our adventures and not necessarily on the most smooth and clean terrains, so a comfortable pair of shoes is a must - I've learnt the hard way that ballet pumps just weren't made for treks through the woods. As we spend a lot of time at the beach with a three year old who will readily dive into the water, a pair of wellies and a change of socks is a must too. I've recently bought some very comfortable walking shoes and if you're also looking for a pair, Regatta have a whole range of great footwear that was just made for the outdoors.

Water - Walking up and down hills means that we're always left gasping with thirst for a drink so I always bring some bottled water with us - it stops the toddler having a meltdown, especially if there are no shops nearby, which is almost always the case. I bring Tyler Lee a sports bottle filled with flavoured water and a bigger bottle for Jacek and I, these are always empty at the end of our adventures.

Camera and lenses - It's no secret that I like to take a lot of pictures when we're out and about and Jacek likes to snap some too, so we always bring the camera bag with the Nikon DSLR, Canon Bridge camera and the three lenses for the Nikon. At Christmas I bought a small rucksack for just taking along the bigger lens, if I know that I'll only be swapping the lenses once, it's been very handy instead of lugging the bigger bag with us always. I also always bring a spare battery and memory cards.

Sling/baby carrier - this is something we haven't used for quite some time, for obvious reasons of course, but we loved bringing Tyler Lee out and about in his Connecta Integra baby carrier when he was smaller and I can't wait to do the same with the new baby. I have my eye on a Kari-Me sling and think it'd be ideal for keeping baby comfortable and both my hands free for photographing when we're out and about. Jacek has no aversion to baby-wearing either so I'm sure he'll take the baby in the Connecta or sling too, just as he did with Tyler Lee.

Baby wipes - Being in the great outdoors means that little hands are bound to get dirty so I always have a packet of baby wipes on hand for freshening up.

Snacks - We can be out for a long time without setting eyes on a shop or café so having snacks on hand is a must. I always have a supply of fruit sticks for Tyler Lee as well as some fruity or yogurt covered rice cakes for us all to enjoy. These always keep him happy and content until we do stop off for lunch somewhere.

Spare clothes for Tyler Lee - No matter where we end up I can guarantee that Tyler Lee will make it back to the car either covered in dirty or soaking wet, so having a spare change of clothes for him is a must. I actually think I should begin keeping an 'emergency' set of clothes in the car for him too as he always seems to need changing!

It's hard to imagine that this list is going to grow once our new little one arrives in May! Good thing I have Jacek on hand to help carry the bags and the children!



  1. I always always have spare clothes in the car for Elliot because I can guarantee he'll be filthy! Yesterday we went for a walk in the forest and he managed to wade through the deepest puddle and water up to his knees, doh! xx

    1. You have the right idea Elaine! The little ones always look for the messiest things possible don't they?! :)


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