Friday, March 11, 2016

Smoking | Breaking A Bad Habit For Good

One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is making sure that you live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and generally looking after yourself a good thing for you – it sets a positive example which your kids can follow as they get older.

Of all the of the steps you can take improve your health, giving up smoking is probably one of the most beneficial. Cigarettes produce around 3-4000 chemicals on average and around 70 of these are known carcinogens. It’s no wonder then that there around 100,000 deaths caused bysmoking-related illnesses in the UK alone each year.

By quitting tobacco, you can be sure that you’re doing the right thing for your family and for yourself.

Many smokers over the past few years have increasingly turned to e-cigarettes in order to help them quit tobacco. The use of e-cigs around the world has increased dramatically since they appeared, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

An e-cig, if you haven’t come across one before, is a battery-powered device which works with an e-liquid filled chamber or cartridge. Firing the battery causes an element inside the chamber to heat up, which then vaporises the e-liquid that the user inhales.

E-liquid vapour is free of the thousands of chemicals mentioned above. Particularly nasty substances such as tar and carbon monoxide, which are some of the most dangerous chemicals found in a cigarette, are entirely absent.

And e-cigarettes offer a great deal more choice for the user, with e-liquids available in a huge variety of different flavours – something to suit everyone.

The positive health effects of switching to vaping are the most talked about benefit of vapour cigarettes. Last year, Public Health England even went on record to say that e-cigarettes are at least 95% safer than continued use of tobacco, but there are other benefits as well.

The cost of smoking has skyrocketed over the past twenty years, with the average price of a pack of cigarettes now well in excess of £8. The average smoker can expect to spend £3000 per year on their habit - think of the things you could be buying for yourself and your family to enjoy instead.

E-cigs, on the other hand, cost a fraction of the price of cigarettes, which means a much-appreciated saving in your pocket, particularly if you have a young family at home.

If you’re a smoker, or even know someone who is, and are seeking an effective way of quitting tobacco for good, switching to e-cigs is definitely an option you should be considering. Your purse, your health and your children will thank you for it.

*This is a guest post written for Dolly Dowsie on behalf of  JAC Vapour.


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  1. I stopped smoking in 2006 (reasonably easily) but stupidly started again in 2008. By 2012 I'd decided enough was enough and tried to quit again, but it was a hundred times harder the second time, the withdrawals were so bad that I thought I was going to crack up. I managed a week, and before I finally snapped and reached for the cigs, I tried vaping and that did it for me. I'd recommend it to anyone over smoking. It doesn't smell, it doesn't contain all the nasties, and it's so much cheaper. When I've been to buy cigarettes for people, I just thank my lucky stars that I'm not having to fork out that amount daily any more. I can spend it on wine instead :-)


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