Sunday, May 22, 2016

Party Planning | A 90's Themed Birthday Party ♥

 I've never actually had a birthday party, apart from my childhood ones, I simply celebrated my 18th and 21st with dinner with family and friends and a night out clubbing, but for my 30th I'd love to have a themed party.

I have two themes in mind, one is the 90's, as I was born in 1990 and have fond memories of growing up during the decade, I also love the music and aren't ashamed to admit it! The other is Alice in Wonderland themed, but as I'd have this as the theme of my wedding, which I shared in this post, I thought I'd share my plans for a 90's themed party - I have four years to prepare for it so hopefully I'd be able to perfect everything I share in this post. Hopefully this post may serve as inspiration for any other 90's babies who'd love to throw a 90's themed party too.

The Venue - Choosing a venue for your party is never an easy task, but sites such as Venuefinder can help you find perfect place to host your event. I was able to pop my party criteria into their search engine and a list of suitable and beautiful venues in my area popped up for me to choose from. I think using a resource like this is fab as planning a party can be a stressful enough task, so having a list of appropriate venues to browse through all on one website is great. It's important to make sure that your venue can hold all your guests comfortably, that it has that certain atmosphere you're looking for and of course, finding a venue at a great price is always a major plus too!

Dress code - No 90's themed party would be complete without 90's clothing, we're talking printed matching tracksuits, grunge looks, platforms (oh how I badly wanted some platforms to be like the Spice Girls!), knee high socks and skirts a la Clueless, hats, scrunchies, dungarees, loud prints etc. Another fun idea would be for guests to dress up as icons from the 90's, whether it be from music, film or TV (I imagine there would be a lot of Fresh Prince's in attendance!). I think all the naff and slightly 'out there' clothing would make for some fab pictures!

Music - For me the 90's is about two music types, the 90's dance tunes, which I still love listening to even now - No Limit, Mr. Vain, Rhythm is a Dancer (seriously, who can resist dancing to all of these?!) and grunge - Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden etc. (these are always playing in our house too thanks to Jacek being a grunge fan too). I love the music of the 90's and it'd be so easy to create a YouTube playlist to play throughout the night. We'll have to get the glow-sticks out and throw some shapes!

Decor - This is probably the most fun part of planning a 90's themed party. I think it'd be fun to have video tapes, cassette tapes, have those fortune teller folded paper things that we used to make as kids at school on tables for people to play with, have a guest book with gel pens for people to leave comments and messages, etc. I also love the idea of a splatter paint photo booth, details of which can be found here, it looks very 90's to me and would make for some fun photo opportunities. I also thought the idea of spray painting an old boombox, was a fun idea too. I'm sure we still have our old one down in the cellar.

Food & Drink - I was a child in the 90's so food and drinks were always fun, colourful and most definitely not healthy! I'd love to have my childhood favourites such as Roy of the Rovers bars, pixie sticks, Nerds, sugared jelly dummies, etc. in jars for people to pick and choose from. All I ever remember ordering in a restaurant as a child was chicken nuggets and chips (so classy I know!) so an adult take on this would be great, maybe goujons and hand-cut chips with some dips and sauces. I also stumbled across these cereal topped donuts which have the fun kid element of my 90's experience as well as being super colourful and yummy too. I've also come across some fun and colourful cocktails, made with some of my favourite childhood drinks, such as Capri-Sun as an ingredient. My favourite childhood drinks now with alcohol, yes please! All my friends and I were kids in the 90's, meaning we didn't do the washing-up or have the luxury of a dishwasher so disposable catering supplies would be a must for the party - the less cleaning up the better!

So there you have it, the ideas for my 'class', 'totally rad' (or whatever slang you used back in the 90's!) 90's themed birthday party. I think the theme is really fun and one that everyone, young and old, would enjoy.


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  1. All of the music you mentioned in this post sounds like my Spotify playlist ha x


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