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Greentom Upp Reversible | The Greenest Stroller In The World | Review ♥

I really love testing out new prams and strollers and have owned and loved many ever since my son was born. He's now three years old and is swiftly outgrowing the strollers we have for him, dragging his feet along the ground and generally being too tall for the seat, so when I was asked if I'd like to try out and review the Greentom Upp Reversible, I was delighted at the prospect of finding a lightweight stroller that would fit his and my needs, as well as being perfect for our new arrival too.

The Greentom Upp is the greenest stroller in the world. The frame is made of recycled plastic and the fabric is made of recycled PET bottles, 51 one of them if I remember correctly. This is the first eco-friendly stroller I have ever owned and I love the fact that something like this is available, because as a family we try to be as green as we possibly can.

Greentom Upp Reversible Features -
✓ Lightweight at just 7.3kg.
✓ 5 point harness for child safety.
✓ Reclining and adjustable seat.
✓ Front and rear facing seat options.
✓ Shopping basket.
✓ Large hood.
✓ Anti-puncture wheels.
✓ Quick-click fold.
✓ Bumper bar.
✓ Front and rear foot rests.
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Can fit in a small car boot.

I really love how the Greentom Upp Reversible looks, the shape of it is great and I've always wanted a grey pram or stroller, which is why I chose the grey fabric for our stroller. I also chose the white chassis to compliment this, however, there are many fabric colours to choose from and a choice of three colours for the chassis so you can really make the stroller your own and to your preference, this is a great aspect I think. The stroller has quite a modern look to it and is quite easy to use, even if we are still getting used to it. We've been looking at the Greentom Upp Reversible video on YouTube to learn how to put it up and down and how to move the seat into different positions, this video was a great help to us so if you're considering purchasing or have purchased this stroller I'd recommend looking at it.

The Greentom Upp Reversible is very easy to push, even my three year old can push it without effort. It's super lightweight thanks to the plastic frame and even though I thought the wheels would be quite flimsy they're actually very sturdy and faired well on the country roads we walk on. As the wheels aren't air tyres I thought the suspension on this stroller would be quite rough, but the plastic frame actually absorbs all the bumps along the road making for a smooth and comfortable ride.

One aspect of the stroller that I'm quite disappointed by is the basket, which is built into the design on the stroller. I would class the Greentom Upp Reversible as an urban stroller, one that would be used for shopping trips, etc., yet the basket is far too small to put anything in and far too open for me to feel comfortable using it, I'd be afraid that the things that I'd put in it would fall out. Even walking along a quiet, country road I wouldn't put my camera bag into it for fear of damaging it. Another disappointment is the fact that the stroller comes with nowhere to hang shopping bags, a changing bag, etc., unless it has one long strap. There are slots in the chassis frame that could probably accommodate hooks but the stroller didn't come with any, which is a real shame as I'm always carrying a camera bag and my sons little sack with snacks, a drink, etc. in it and these have separate straps.

The hood on the stroller is fantastic, it comes all the way down providing perfect shelter from the sun or wind. The pictures for this review were taken on a particularly blustery day and the hood was great for keeping the cold wind off my son.

I absolutely love how the Greentom Upp Reversible looks like when in the reverse position and I can't wait to use it this way with my new little one - it's too small for Tyler Lee to sit in it when rear facing as the rear position only offers two positions whereas the forward-facing position offers three. It looks so stylish this way and it's lovely to have the option of having baby/young toddlers facing their parents.

Another design feature that I love on the Greentom Upp Reversible is the foot rest. It's great that it's higher up so that taller toddlers like my son don't have their feet dragging on the ground. It's got plenty of space for little feet to relax in comfortably too.

Pros -
Lightweight and very easy to push.
Stylish design.
100% eco-friendly.
Reasonably priced.
Large hood for shelter.

Cons -
Small basket.
Nowhere to hang bags off the chassis.
The stroller doesn't come with a rain cover, you have to pay €29 extra for this but I really think it should be included in the original price of the stroller.
The handlebar isn't adjustable.

The Greentom Upp Reversible is a great mid-range stroller option. The fact that it's the greenest stroller in the world is such a lovely talking point and it feels great to own something so eco-friendly. It's super stylish and modern, easy to use and lightweight, making it perfect for everyday use. I love that it can be used in various positions, rear and forward facing and this makes it perfect for young babies to toddlers 3+. It would be a perfect stroller for those in city or urban living or for parents who travel a lot and want a comfortable stroller option for their little ones, rather than a traditional buggy.

The Greentom Upp Reversible is €299 and is available from the Greentom website.

*We were sent the Greentom Upp Reversible for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.



  1. wow this is amazing. I have never seen a stroller like this before. I love that it is light weight. I hate having to lug a 100 lb stroller arounf.

    1. Isn't it lovely? It's so lightweight, I was amazed by it.

  2. The Greentom Upp Reversible has so many wonderful qualities. It really is attractive and the fact that it's lightweight has me sold.

  3. Love the flexility and the size and weight! My nephew is expecting his first baby and this would be perfect! Thanks for the review!

  4. I LOVE that the frame is made of recycled plastic and the fabric is made of recycled PET bottles! I'll definitely have to pass this post along to my friends who are in the stroller market <3

  5. Wow. this looks like an incredible stroller. I wish one as nice and, more importantly, green was available when I needed one.

  6. Love that it can be rear facing and forward facing!! What a great little stroller this is for kids.

  7. What a beautiful looking stroller, shame the handle is not adjustable but I love that it's made form recyclable items

  8. I love that this stroller is made of recycled items. That is really great, I love finding eco-friendly baby products, especially as my daughter is expecting.

  9. What a great looking stroller. I love how sturdy it is!!

  10. This is amazing! I actually wondered if there was anything like this out there when I was looking while pregnant with my now 10 month old, but couldn't find much. Unfortunately, they don't ship to the US!

  11. Looks like a good product for babies. Love that it's lightweight and handy. Awesome.

  12. This system looks fab I love that its a green stroller which are hard to come by.for me though I think I would struggle with a small basket.

  13. When my daughter was that age, a lightweight pusher was on my top-list. Didn't really find one. But this looks fab and I also love the colour :) Doesn't look like the usual push-chairs :) Dean of LIttle Steps

  14. oo that looks great! and so lightweight too which would have been perfect for us! unfortunately we are past stroller age now :p

  15. That's a really neat stroller. I love how unique it is. It's a lot different from the ones I'm use to. I love it!

  16. This looks like a great, lightweight stroller! We are past the stroller stage, but I often find myself missing them, LOL!

  17. Good to hear you are doing ok. I love that the stroller is lightweight and little Tyler looks like he has given the the stroller his seal of approval.

  18. This looks great - I love that it is eco-friendly. I do think the rain cover should come with it though. Lovely review and photos. Kaz x

  19. The lack of storage or hooks would be a real no no for me, I need the storage in a stroller lol. It's a pretty unique design though you don't see many that have being eco friendly in mind x

  20. These are great strollers. My sister got one for my nephew and it's so stylish and lightweight, would definitely recommend x

  21. oh wow this looks so stylish and I so wish they were made like this when mine were younger and needed one

  22. Beautiful kid and stroller :) I am a big fan of lightweight stroller, so convenient and easy to use

  23. Great review. I love that it is the greenest stroller in the world but what a design flaw in not having much space in the basket or to hang. Most parents I know travel with the changing bag. Nice design though but I agree. The rain cover should be included.

  24. I love the simplicity of this, it doesn't look like you need a degree in pram clips to make it work and it looks sturdy x

  25. aww this looks really cute and nifty. Tyler Lee looks cosy in it x


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