Thursday, March 17, 2016

31 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

Today I turn 32 weeks pregnant, but I'm only sharing my 31 week update now as I was offline the past two days - sometimes it's just nice to take a break from things and to stop me going on the laptop so often I've even begun drafting blog posts on my phone. I just feel as though I need some downtime at the moment. Thankfully, this week has been much better than last.

Jacek came home on Thursday evening and we were so delighted to see him. Things have been so different since he came back, actually being able to spend some time together has been amazing because it felt as though we were passing ships in the night for months, he was so busy studying for his exams whilst maintaining a full-time job, so family life went on the back burner and if I'm honest, it was horrible. It's been great to feel like a family again and not have so much pressure. We've begun organising the house, clearing out what we don't need and will hopefully be preparing the nursery very soon.

Yesterday we had our 32 week scan and thankfully all is well with the baby. I was delighted to hear that baby is now head down and is no longer breech - as I shared before, I'm absolutely terrified at the idea of a c-section and am hoping for a natural birth again. I also learnt that the reason my bump is so high is because baby's bum is sticking upwards! The little round lump that I can see on my bump when I getting up from lying down is their little bum, I thought it was his or her head! Baby is becoming a lot more active now, before I didn't feel much movement, except for when I got into bed at night, now I feel some throughout the day too and I'm sure baby even had hiccups during the week as my bump was jumping constantly.

I've began thinking about baby names more and more and I'm pretty sure I have a girls name chosen, although it may change when I actually see the baby. As for a boys name, there are two names that really stand out to me and Tyler Lee actually calls the baby one of these names, he even says "Tyler and ..." as if he's imagining them together and if he's asked what the baby's name is he says this name. I feel now as if I can't change the name if baby is a boy because Tyler Lee seems to love it so much!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - romaine lettuce, according to my Ovia pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - finally being able to get the nursery decorated, we just need to pick a theme.
My favourite moment was - getting to see baby again at the 32 week scan, thankfully everything is going great.

I've been feeling - sick again this week unfortunately. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a chest infection again and I'm starting to feel quite weak and dizzy.

I've been buying for baby - I haven't bought anything for the baby this week either, nothing has caught my eye, even though I've had a look in Penneys and Mothercare and online on the John Lewis site. I think the next few bits will be things for the nursery, the first thing being paint!
I'm missing -being able to go somewhere and not feel as though I'm going to pass out. I always get too hot now and feel as though I need to sit down before I fall over. It's made shopping trips impossible.
I'm craving - I don't think it's a true craving but I really wouldn't mind some quiche, chips and salad right now!
I'm loving - having Jacek home and being able to actually spend some time together. Yesterday we even treated ourselves to lunch, just the two of us, which is something we never do.
I've been meaning to - begin clearing out the box room, which will eventually be the nursery. We have so many buggies that need to go up for sale and everything in that room needs to find a new home.

I can't wait for - our next hospital appointment on April 13th. I'll be 36 weeks along then and hopefully we'll get to see a doctor who doesn't rush us through our appointment.



  1. Aw Fiona I am so glad that the baby is not breech anymore lets hope you get the natural birth that you are dreaming of! I love that there is an app that compares your bubba to a food item too.

  2. Glad to hear ur pregnancy is going well and baby is no longer breech.

  3. I'm glad your baby has moved around. My daughter was breeched too, but also moved when it was almost my due date :) Exciting times. Best of luck to you and your lovely family :)

  4. Its lovely to read about pregnancies ive had 3 and the last 2 had hyperemesis the whole way through, however only suffered through labour for a few hours and managed natural birth both times, of course they are totally worth it all :) so glad baby is head down, wishing you the best of luck :)

  5. How exciting, I loved seeing baby on the scan monitor. We went for a 3d scan aswell which was amazing x

  6. So glad you're back together as a family again and that a lot of the stress is off your combined shoulders. Please let Jacek do the painting, the fumes will only make you feel even fainter!

  7. How exciting! I thought "Oh gosh, 31 weeks is so far through" before remembering I'm nearly 36 weeks, argh!! Glad baby is head down now, my little girl was breech too but has gone head down. Fingers crossed for a smooth remaining couple of months for you xx

  8. Glad to hear the baby has turned and hope he/she stays that way now

  9. Aw Fi I am so glad that the baby is not breech, here is hoping you can have the natural birth you want x

  10. Aww — love the pics! One of my twins has a beige Jellycat bunny, just like that one! Although it's not so clean, fluffy and soft looking anymore!! Take it easy — not long to go before you meet your wee girl :) x

  11. YAY for baby turning around! I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant but have no idea which way baby is lying - will find out at my midwife appointment on Thursday. EEEK. I think you might be a little bit ahead of me but high five for babies due in May. I'm massively on the countdown now... can't wait to meet our Pickle!

  12. I hope you get the natural birth you really want! Not long to go now.I remember my sister in law constantly being boiling, my brother had to wear a jumper and his coat in the car haha

  13. This pregnancy seems to be flying. I can't believe you are pretty much 33 weeks pregnant. Not long now. :) x


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