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Unusual Teeth Whitening Innovations From Around The World ♥

You may have heard about the recent crackdown by the UK government on who can offer professional teeth whitening treatments and those who train the people to carry out these procedures, but have you ever wondered about getting your teeth whitened somewhere else in the world? Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest and most wonderful places where you can get pearly whites abroad.

 Smile Bar 2015, Hong Kong
The Smile Bar Experience : Sirinart
Posted by The Smile Bar - Hong Kong on Sunday, 26 July 2015

Imagine sitting in what can only be described as an egg-like pod while an LED plasma blue light glows from a terminal in front of you. Well, that’s pretty much what you get if you visit the brand new Smile Bar in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Sleek, white and modern this minimalist teeth whitening bar looks high-tech before you even sit down. Smile Bar utilises patented Swedish technology that offers advanced and painless teeth-whitening in comfortable surroundings. Plus, the experts will assess your teeth and ensure your teeth are clean before you begin the treatment, as well as provide a Nano Seal to avoid future staining. We’d always recommend seeing a professional for a teeth whitening treatment, however we must admit, Smile Bar does look pretty snazzy.

The Vitality Show 2013, London 

The Vitality Show was a long-running tradeshow held at London’s Earl Court until 2013. This annual event was one of the country’s biggest showcases of everything beauty, fitness and spiritually related, targeted at British women and although only the best industry-leading products and services were showcased here, we couldn’t imagine having our teeth whitened in the middle of a tradeshow as shoppers stroll past. Could you?

West Hollywood Pride Festival 2008, CA, USA

Ever considered getting your teeth whitened in a tent in the middle of a park fayre? Well, that’s exactly what Blue Magic, an LA based teeth whitening light company, offered revelers at the West Hollywood Pride Festival back in 2008.

Over the last decade more than 30 US states have brought in laws preventing non-dentists from completing teeth whitening treatments, however there is little mention of ‘where’ these dental professionals are allowed to carry out these treatments. Whatever this provider’s training, we’re not sure we would have our teeth whitened in a pop up like this. Would you?

Have you seen teeth whitening offered in a bizarre place while holidaying or even here in the UK? We’d love to hear all about it.

If you’d prefer a quality teeth whitening treatment conducted by a professional in the comfort of a dental office, learn more about The Smile Dentist by Dr Rob. Call free on 0333 577 7273 to arrange your free smile consultation.

*This is a guest post written for Dolly Dowsie. 


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