Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tyler Lee | 3 Years Old ♥

Today my baby turns three years old and I'll never stop calling him my baby, in fact, Jacek and I still refer to him as 'the baby', I don't think that'll ever change (sorry Tyler Lee!). It really doesn't seem that long ago since we were celebrating him turning two and were having a lovely little In the Night Garden themed tea party for him, I know it's so cliche to say but the year really did go by so quickly. I couldn't love this little boy more, he is such a sweetheart and although he does have his moments, he's a joy to be around the majority of the time and he has such a sweet and loving nature, it's adorable and makes me so proud to be his mummy.

To say that he's our little helper is an understatement. He is obsessed with the washing machine and tumble dryer and knows how to sort the laundry into colours, whites, darks and load them into the washing machine. When the wash he done he takes delight in putting them into the tumble dryer. His washing machine obsession means that we have to Skype my Dad, who lives in a different country, just so Tyler Lee can see his washing machine! He also loves helping with the vacuuming and sweeping the floor and he actually pretends he's cleaning a lot of the time. He's very domesticated!

Due to being so impatient and wanting things done when he wants them done Tyler Lee can get quite sensitive. I always explain everything to him in a calming tone but there are times when Jacek or our other relatives say the wrong thing and he cries his little heart out. He is a free spirit and hates to be told what to do or shown how things work, should be done, etc., he likes to figure it all out for himself.

He has such a kooky personality, is very fun-loving, can burst into a fit of giggles over the silliest of things and I'm delighted to say that he finds me hilarious! He loves dancing and loves watching music videos on YouTube that have lots of dancing in them. His favourite songs are How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris, although I think he just loves 'Gigi' as he calls her, in the video, he says she has pretty hair and Hideaway by Kiesza or 'ooh ahh' as he calls it. He loves singing too and has quite a repertoire now with all his nursery rhymes, The Wheels on the Bus being his favourite at the moment.

Tyler Lee is such a dreamer and I often find him daydreaming away to himself. He also has a very vivid imagination and loves nothing better than having imaginary tea parties and other scenarios with his 'friends' who are his plethora of cuddly toys that have to go everywhere around the house with him.

What Tyler Lee can do at three years old:
Count to twenty and beyond in Irish and English
Speak words in Irish and English
Read words and symbols and know what they represent
Climb up on high things and go up and down stairs on his own
Switch on and off lights
Sing songs
Complete puzzles
Understand everything I say
Point out people in pictures
Load up and empty the washing machine and tumble dryer

What Tyler Lee has done at three years old:
Been on three holidays - Portugal and Jersey Channel Islands three times.
Visited five Irish counties and seen the sights and castles of them all
Been in two magazines and two newspapers
Made it to the top of Blarney Castle
Completed playgroup and started junior pre-school (he'll be starting in Montessori in September).
Had two haircuts and I really don't want him to have another
Learnt some CPR at school

A big Happy Birthday to my little doll, I couldn't love him more. He has changed my life for the better and to hear him tell me he loves me everyday makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. This will be his last birthday as an only child and we're going to make sure that it's one to remember for him forever.


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  1. Happy Birthday Tyler Lee. This is such a lovely post capturing everything about this gorgeous little boy. great photos too. I know what you mean about calling him a baby. I still call my 18 year old my baby!


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