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The Difficulty Of Choosing The Perfect Baby Name 2nd Time Round... ♥

Growing up, names were always something I took an interest in, I loved discovering new and unique ones and quickly decided which ones I loved and which ones I thought were just too plain and uninteresting. As a teenager I even wrote a letter to myself, which I opened on my 21st birthday, which included a list of names I loved and funnily enough the names Tyler and Lee were included on the list, although I don't remember being particularly besotted with either of them, I guess it was just meant to be...

Jacek actually chose Tyler's name. He was meant to be Taylor, the name a reference to Corey Taylor, lead singer of one of my favourite bands Slipknot, but we were both put off it when everyone began commenting that it was in fact a girls name and we were expecting a boy. We then opted for Tyler, after the character in Fight Club, who was everything the narrator of that film wanted to be - intelligent, handsome, carefree, etc. and Jacek wouldn't budge from the name, even though I had wanted to call him Samuel, Sam or Sammy for short. His middle name was supposed to be Lochlainn, but again we received criticism for the name, with people declaring they hated it. It was only an hour before he was born that the name Lee came into my head and we decided on Tyler Lee just before he made his appearance into the world. It all seemed to fall into place and I didn't really have to put any effort into choosing his name at all as Jacek wasn't budging from Tyler.

This time round it's my turn to name the baby and to be honest, I'm having an awful time with trying to find the 'perfect' name, if there's such a thing of course. Before I fell pregnant I kept on having dreams about a little girl and a name I loved kept appearing everywhere in my daily life, which I found bizarre as it's not a very common name. We don't know the baby's gender for sure as the umbilical cord was in between their legs when we tried to find out so I'm searching for both a boys and a girls name.

I seem to change my mind on a daily basis, letting other people's opinions and the fact of whether someone I know has already called their child that already, influence me in my decision. I also don't want to name my child something that's overly popular but sadly every name I love seems to be loved by many others too - I guess we all have great taste!

As this baby is going to be born in the summer I'd love them to have a beachy/surfer name if they're a boy and a pretty/flowery or nature inspired name if they're a girl.

The names I currently love and am considering for the baby's first and middle names are:

 Boys -

Beau - of French origin it means "beautiful" or "handsome".

Bodhi - of Sanskrit origin it means "enlightenment" or "awakening" which relates to a Buddhist concept, wherein Bodhi is synonymous with the state of nirvana, being freed from hate, greed and ego.

Fionn - of Irish origin it means "fair or fair-haired", the same as my own name.

Samuel - of Hebrew origin it means "name of God; asked of God; heard by God".

James - of Hebrew origin it means "he grasps the heel. Supplanter".

Tristan - of Celtic origin it means "tumult" or "outcry". In Arthurian legend Tristan was a Knight of the Round Table and tragic hero of the medieval tale Tristram and Isolde.

 Girls -

Meadow - of American origin it means "field of grass".

Siofra - of Irish origin it is believed to mean "changeling or fairy child".

Posey - of English origin it means "a bunch of flowers".

Blythe - of English origin it means "happy or merry".

Rose - a Norman form of a Germanic name it's associated with the rose flower.

Blossom - of English origin it means "fresh".

Belle/Maybelle - of French origin meaning "beautiful". I like Maybelle too as a fun take on Mabel for a May baby.

Fawn/Fauna - of English origin it means "young deer". The Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was Fauna. She was famous for her chastity.

I'm so undecided but I do really love the names above. I honestly don't know if some of these will actually end up being the baby's name, only time will tell.

How did you chose your baby's name? Do you like any of the names I've listed above?



  1. You have some really good strong names in the boys section - really like James and Samuel. And the girls names are all so pretty, they really seem to echo your personality! Before Elliot was born we had two options, Elliot or Dylan and when he was born I just immediately knew he was Elliot. He was named after Elliot from ET, one of my fave films! His middle name is Rhys which is my Dad's name. BUt if you ask Elliot what his middle name is, he always says "Grandad Rhys" lol! xx

    1. Thank you Elaine, I just worry that Samuel and James may be too widely used. Elliot suits his name perfectly and how lovely that his middle name is the same as his grandad! x

  2. My actual name is Cathryn Jane meaning 'pure' 'by the grace of God'. Heck of a name to live up to! I do like the spelling of Cathryn though; it's the Welsh way & Mum's Welsh and it's her first language so she got her way with that one!

  3. Awww so many beautiful name ideas here!! I love Siofra and Posey, and Beau and Fionn were on our boys list too!! xx

  4. Lovely name picks. We didn't know the gender when we had Blake but had Blake for a boy and a girl's name we love. Its going to be tricky if we have another boy in the future as we struggled before with names we both like.

  5. Lovely names! When i had my oldest way back when i was 18, i didnt know i was having a girl but for our girls name her father wanted to call her after his mother and it just didnt sound right and i had a feeling that she was going to be a girl as it drew closer so i had to put my foot down in the end haha. Now im so glad i did, so when she was born she still had no name, there was an american drama series on at the time and one of the characters was called Peyton. So we agreed on that but spelt Paighton. :) - Marie

  6. My favorites are Tristian and Rose and I love how you included the meaning behind each name too. For me I want Jasmine and Sophia Loren as girls names and for a boy I love the name Tyler.

  7. They are fab names, my favourites being Tristan and Sofria x

  8. I found girls names so much easier to pick, perhaps because I had four boys and struggled to name number 4 as was convinced he was a girl. I am sure the perfect name will spring into your head when he / she arrives

  9. Wow I am loving all of those names and am not sure I could choose between the ones you love to be honest, they are all stunning x

  10. I love all your names Fiona. They all really suit you and your family. I'm sure once baby number 2 pops along a name will jump out at you


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