Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring Days With My Spring Babe ♥

Spring is my favourite season. I always thought I liked each season equally, loving the various elements and special events of each one, but I was lying to myself, spring is the one for me. Ever since I was a child I have fond memories of spring, the weather always seemed to be lovely once February was upon us, I loved seeing the yellow and white blooms everywhere, celebrating my birthday, St. Patrick's Day and Easter - spring was a joyous time.

Now I love spring because it inspires me to get out and about once again with my son and the new life sprouting up around me makes me want to capture it all on camera. Spring is a season of new life, rebirth and rejuvenation and it really does give me a new lease of life when the cold frosts of winter melt away and make way for pretty things and sunshine once again.

There's a freshness about spring that no other season can compare with, although I do love summer days sitting on the beach watching the waves lull by too. I've shared my love for Sundays in spring on the blog before and it's a time of year when I love to see my son interact with the nature around him, whether it be picking dandelions for the bird bath, pretending a twig is a pair of glasses or picking a little snowdrop flower for his Mummy, it's lovely to see him take an interest in nature again after all the rain, muddiness and cold of winter has passed.

My son and I are spring babies and I think that's why it'll always have a fond place within my heart. These pictures I captured of our lovely yet blustery spring day are what spurs me on. This little boy of mine, with his beautiful eyes, big wide smile, curious nature and cheeky expressions are what make my days adventurous and worth waking up for. Spring days are the best, especially when you have a little adventurer in tow.


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