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Silver Cross Pop | Review ♥

One thing I've always loved since my son was born was trying out different prams and strollers with him. It's safe to say that we have quite a collection of them, but one brand that we have loved since the beginning is Silver Cross. I pushed him about in his Silver Cross Class Sleepover pram as a newborn, which I reviewed here, used the Silver Cross Linear for when we were out shopping and once he got older I began using the Silver Cross Micro stroller. So you can imagine how delighted I was when Silver Cross got in touch and asked if I'd like to review their Pop stroller, the brands best selling stroller, and thankfully it didn't disappoint!

The Pop arrived in a large, thin box and was super simple to put together. You simply have to click in the front wheels and the hood and it's ready to be used - this was perfect for someone like myself who hates faffing about assembling baby and toddler products. The Pop is a lightweight stroller and very compact. It folds down to a great size that is perfect for popping in and out of the boot of the car (it fits my tiny Opel Corsa boot with room to spare) and for storing in the cupboard when not in use.

I chose the classic looking black and grey stroller but there are four other colour options available for the Pop including aubergine and beige. The Pop features two separate handles which I was very happy to see as these are perfect for hanging a changing bag, shopping bags, etc. off when out and about. It also has a mesh basket, which I would describe as a 'standard' basket size for a compact stroller such as this and which I use to store the rain cover at all times (we do live in rainy Ireland after all!), even with the rain cover stored in there there's ample room for other bits and bobs you want to bring out and about too. The Pop has an extendable UPF50+ hood which is great for extra sun protection when out on sunny and warm days.

One thing I was worried about with Pop was whether or not my tall three year old would fit into it, but I need not have worried, he has lots of room in it as the seat is quite large and quite roomy. The Pop is actually suitable for toddlers up to 25kg. His feet don't drag along the ground as it has calf support on the end of the seat, unlike other strollers we have and he genuinely seems very comfortable in it. There is a foot rest on the stroller but my boy never bothers with these, he prefers letting his legs hang down and the Pop allows him lots of room to do so.

The recline on the seat is great too, it offers positions from totally upright to flat down, perfect if little ones fall asleep when out and about. The seat has lots of padding too so it's very comfortable for little ones to sit on, especially if they have to be in the stroller for a considerable amount of time when out walking or shopping. The Pop features a 5-point harness which I think is a great addition. Now that my boy is that bit older I worry that he'll be able to un-clip himself from his stroller but with the Silver Cross Pop I know he's secure.

I've tested out the Pop on various surfaces from roads, to footpaths to the busy city streets when shopping and it works great everywhere. The swivel wheels really do give great ease as you're strolling along and the Pop can even be pushed one-handed - a great feature for those who have older children in tow who need to hold hands when walking along, etc. The handle height is non-adjustable but they're a great comfortable height (I'm 5'7 and they're perfect for me), the foam on them makes them very comfortable to push along too.

Overall, I really do think the Silver Cross Pop is a fantastic stroller. It's a great one for walks and to have in the car for outings. It's super easy to use, comfortable for little ones and is a great price too at £140/€179.99. I'd highly recommend the Pop to anyone who is looking for a good quality, lightweight stroller as Silver Cross is a great brand and one which never fails to deliver - this is coming from someone who has owned and used four of their different pram and stroller options. As you can see from Tyler Lee's smile he loves being pushed about in the Pop and this is one stroller that we'll be saving for our new arrival in May too.

You can read more about the Pop and search for stockists on the Silver Cross website.

*We were sent the Silver Cross Pop for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. I have just brought this pram in blue for my one year old. We have it in pink for our two year old and it is fantastic so when it was time to buy my little man a stroller I knew that I would get him the same. xx


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