Friday, February 19, 2016

Can Lipstick Really Make Your Teeth Look Whiter? ♥

Last summer Louise Redknapp and her cosmetics company, Wild About Beauty, announced they had teamed up with oral healthcare product provider Listerine to launch a range of lipsticks that would make your smile look whiter and brighter, but can a lipstick really trick the naked-eye into thinking your teeth are whiter than when you’re bare-lipped?
The Science Behind the Optical Illusion | Rednapp chose three shades from her collection: berry, bright fuchsia and a subtle pretty pink. Why these three? Well, deep colours create contrast and can reflect off your smile, boosting your teeth’s brightness. Dark berry shades are ideal for this because they are rich in colour but have cool undertones. Avoid dark brown lipsticks though, as these will bring out any yellow tinges. Soft pinks are a great choice, not only because they work seamlessly with pretty much any look, but because the cool pink undertones also minimise yellow hints and make your smile look whiter. Lastly a bold, in-your-face fuchsia creates such a dramatic difference from your natural teeth colour (plus its blue undertones, of course) that it will frame the mouth and emphasise the contrast, making your teeth appear whiter. Avoid corals or any lipsticks with yellow or orange undertones, unless you want your teeth to appear discoloured!

Our Favourite Lipsticks for a Whiter, Brighter Smile | So, now you know the science behind faking your way to pearly whites, take a look at our favourite lipsticks. Here are three of our go-to shades for emphasising our smiles.

MAC Insanely It Watermelon Pink Sheen Supreme lipstick (£17.50) – MAC is known for its luxurious, high-quality lipsticks and this one is no different. This colour-rich lipstick has all the shine of a lip gloss without the sticky texture. Lightweight and easy-to-apply we love this out-going and vibrant shade.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss #31 (£5.49) – Created and endorsed by legendary model Kate Moss, this high-intensity lippie is great if you’re looking for a long-lasting lipstick that can get you through a busy working day or a hard night of partying. Plus, its black diamond infused formula reflects light beautifully.

Nars Dolce Vita Sheer Lipstick (£20) – Another well-respected makeup brand loved by makeup artists, Nars sheer lipstick gives wearers a soft conditioning treatment with a dose of subtle colour. Long-lasting and translucent, it offers an understated shine in a lightweight, hydrating formula.

*All colour swatches and lipstick images taken from each brands’ websites

If a stylish lipstick just won’t cut it, then brighten your smile with a professional teeth whitening treatment from The Smile Dentist by Dr Rob. With a 5 star, VIP treatment and 100% guarantee, The Smile Dentist is the perfect place to enhance your pearly whites.

*This is a guest post written for Dolly Dowsie 


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