Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekenders | Roses, Shopping & Bonding ♥

This past weekend was another quiet one and although Jacek had the day off work on Sunday we decided to just chill out and not go anywhere. This suited me fine as I was absolutely exhausted anyway, a restless sleep toddler and pregnancy have worn me out recently.

On Friday after I picked up Tyler Lee from preschool I decided to take him down to the beach for a bit of fresh air. At the moment he hates being in the house, I think he felt a little too cooped up at Christmas and the New Year with all the bad weather we had, so he was delighted to see the water and immediately declared that he wanted to go swimming! I'll have to sign this boy up for the Christmas Day swim because the cold really doesn't bother him! He had a ball throwing stones in the water and decided to go and wade into it (much to my dismay!). A break in the rain also meant that I got to try out my new lens, the Sigma 70-300mm lens for Nikon and I captured some lovely shots with it, although I still have a lot to learn about my three lenses and all they can achieve on camera.

On Saturday I was determined to get out of the house so I took Tyler Lee to a shopping centre not too far from our house. He's been in need of new clothes (in my opinion anyway, Jacek will probably disagree on that one!) so we ventured into Next. I picked him up some comfy joggers, jeans, a new t-shirt which pretty much sums up all that he's into at the moment and a new jumper, again featuring a lorry - the boy loves his vehicles! I also picked up some sleep suits for the new baby, I couldn't resist the rainbows and the starts! Tyler Lee and I then had a lovely mother and son lunch and he was so well behaved, he actually sat down and ate his food, it was a shopping trip miracle! He has given up his nap since the chaos of Christmas Day and regularly falls asleep on my lap in the evening now and I have to admit, I think it's the sweetest thing. He fell asleep curled up on my lap on Saturday night and I didn't even want to put him to bed, I just sat there holding onto his little hand. We had a lovely day of bonding together and that was the perfect end.

On Sunday Jacek and Tyler Lee walked four miles to the shop (that's there and back and yes I think they're crazy!) and came back with a bunch of gorgeous pink roses for me which Tyler Lee told me were "lovely flowers". It was lovely to be surprised with some roses once again, I could actually get used to the surprises around here! After a visit to my grandparents house we came home and watched Herbie Fully Loaded whilst we ate our dinner - we're living the rock n' roll lifestyle I know! Tyler Lee has been so restless with his sleep so when bedtime came I read him as many books as he wanted and I actually enjoyed them too. I put some LED flower fairy lights around his cot too so if he woke up in the middle of the night he'd know where he was and be comforted by the lights. I'm pleased to say these things actually worked and he had a peaceful nights sleep.

A very quiet weekend but enjoyable nonetheless. I'm loving all the quality time Tyler Lee and I are having together lately, it's so nice to be able to bond and spend as much time with my boy as a I can before the new baby arrives in May.


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