Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Happy Things Jar ♥

2016 is now in full swing and I've begun the year on a positive note once again - positivity being a key element to a happy year of course. Jacek and I decided that 2015 is our year for living, a year where we'll have many adventures, visit lots of places together and make lots of happy memories. To document everything happy and good that happened to our little family last year we decided to have a 'happy things jar'. This idea popped up on my Facebook feed one day (good to get some inspiration from it at least!) and I thought it was a really lovely thing to do. I'm re-sharing this post today as it seemed to be getting a lot of hits this week - it seems everyone is looking for sourcing of positivity at the moment and that's such a wonderful thing.

You simply use an old jar, I've used an empty a clean Yankee Candle large jar (can you tell that I was being optimistic with the size?!) and you write on a piece of paper everything good or happy that happens to you and your family throughout the year. I've added to this a little bit by also including things that I was grateful for throughout the year - even the simplest of things such as my Mam's roast dinners, I wanted to remember everything good so that I could reflect on them all at the end of 2015. You simply write the good things that happen down on a piece of paper, fold it up and pop it in the jar, it's as simple as that!

I decorated the jar with some purple ribbon I had lying around the house and some stickers my lovely friend Nadia had sent me, but you can decorate the jar however you want and if you have little ones at home then it might be fun to get them involved too. I just wrote 'Happy Things 2015' on the stickers and I love the colourful them on the jar, I think it definitely radiates a happy vibe!

Our jar was full to the brim come New Years Eve and it was so lovely empty the jar and read through everything amazing that happened to us throughout the year. It was such a lovely thing to help us reflect.

Have you put together a happy jar for 2016?



  1. This is a good idea and it's great to hear how your jar was full to the top by the end of the year. I'm thinking of doing something similar. Angela

  2. This is wonderful and I've decided that we are going to do this for 2016, what a great idea!
    I love your jar too, so colourful and eye-catching, I think this may be the start of a new tradition!

  3. Oh, beautiful! I was reminded of lots of happy times with my girls when I was decorating our Christmas Tree and it's such a nice thing to look back and remember the times when we smile and have fun together.

  4. Lovely idea! How wonderful that your jar was so full and what a way to spend the evening seeing out 2015 but to reflect on all that was good ☺️ X

  5. This is so cute! I did try to do one for myself a few years ago but kept forgetting! Hope you have a lovely year! x

  6. I love your happy jar! That's a great was to physically count your blessings!
    XX Jen beautylifemom.com


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