Thursday, January 14, 2016

Gift Ideas For A Rainbow Baby ♥

rainbow teething ring // rainbow photography wrap // rainbow babygro // rainbow baby blanket // rainbow sleep suit // rainbow ball // rainbow tassle // rainbow cot sheet // rainbow unicorn plush 

Ever since I found out we were expecting our rainbow baby after suffering a miscarriage in February 2014, I've been keeping an eye out for items that would be perfect for a rainbow baby. I'm sure that any parent who is expecting a baby after child loss will want everything to be that extra bit special for their impending arrival and although I haven't bought much for the baby yet (I put this down to apprehension and the worry that something may still go wrong), when they do arrive I want the items they have to be special and have a keepsake feel to them too.

I've been looking online and in high street stores for anything rainbow related and I was delighted to find this rainbow sleep suit from Next. I featured it on Instagram and people were asking me when I bought it, stating that "it'd be perfect for their rainbow baby", so it seems I'm not the only one going for the rainbow theme.

I want to capture a lot of pictures of the new baby as a newborn and I'm sure other expecting parents of rainbow babies are just the same. The rainbow wrap (which is six pieces of fabric to create a rainbow look) is perfect for a rainbow themed photo shoot and the rainbow crocheted blanket is just too adorable, this can be bought with or without the white cloud bit too. I shall be ordering both of these items for our new baby. The rainbow baby body suits are specifically made for rainbow babies so they're perfect for all those first photos too. I think the rainbow tassle would be lovely as a photography backdrop and when the pictures are all done it would look super sweet hanging above the baby's cot too, it's gorgeous and I love the pastel look it has.

What could be more precious for a rainbow baby to sleep on then a rainbow patterned cot sheet? This gorgeous one is from Lulu & Nat and Tyler Lee has the toddler bed set so I can vouch for just how beautiful and vibrant it is in person.

As the baby grows they'll need some toys and teethers to keep them happy and amused and I've found some gorgeous ones online. I love the crocheted organic wooden ring teether and think it's the perfect gift for a rainbow baby - I'll be getting one of these for my new arrival. The rainbow ball is just gorgeous and I love the colours used in the wool. This is also going on my wish list and I think it'd be such a lovely baby gift as it has something very special about it.

Finally, every little one needs something soft to snuggle up with and how adorable is this crocheted unicorn soft plush? I love it's rainbow coloured mane, gold horn and think it looks super snuggly. It'd be sure to become baby's best friend as they grow up and as the parent of a boy who just loves his cuddly toys and sees them as his friends, I know just how special a soft toy or plush can be for a child.

"Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and all the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true".



  1. There are some gorgeous rainbow items here. The images of the newborn are absolutely adorable!

  2. I love everything SO much! Seriously, so sweet. I especially love the crochet rainbow blanket and cloud, that's adorable! The sleep suits are cute, too. xx


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