Wednesday, January 27, 2016

24 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

Today marks the end of my 24th week of pregnancy and it's crazy to think that I'll be 25 weeks along tomorrow - just 15 weeks left until I meet another love of my life, if all goes to plan of course. This week has been much better health wise and we finally had our anomaly scan. I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous before we went in to the scan, you always presume that everything will be fine with your baby, but what if it's not? Thankfully, our little bubs is healthy and everything is looking great.

I was amazed that the lady scanning was able to see the brain, the chambers of the heart, the stomach and bladder (which had fluid in it meaning that baby's kidneys are working fine too). Everything was shown in so much detail and it was surreal to me as we never had this scan during my pregnancy with Tyler Lee.

Baby is currently weighing 1lb 7oz which is right on target. All the baby's measurements are recorded in my maternity book but I honestly have no idea what they all mean, everything is looking fine though. Baby had it's hands over its ears during the scan and was looking out at us, it was super cute. The sonographer asked if we'd like to know the gender but she couldn't tell as the umbilical cord was between the legs so we still don't have a definite clue to the gender but that's okay, it'll be a nice surprise come May, although we both have an inclination to what we're having.

Baby is currently breech and I really hope that changes soon because I really don't want a Cesarean, I want a natural birth again. I'm feeling so much pressure/stretching 'down there' too so maybe it's the way the baby is lying but it honestly feels like the type of pain you experience during the start of labour and it's particularly bad today. Hopefully it eases off soon as it's even uncomfortable to walk.

I hope this next week of pregnancy continues to be good health wise and I have my hematology appointment on Monday to test for Von Willebrand disease so it'll be good to have an answer to whether I have it or not too so we can be prepared for the birth.

This week...

Baby is the size of a - garden egg plant, according to my Ovia pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - painting the box room and deciding whether to put Tyler Lee back in their and make it a lovely little room for him or to make it a nursery for the new baby. I'm so undecided at the moment.

My favourite moment was - finally having our anomaly scan, seeing baby again and getting the reassurance that everything is okay.

I've been feeling - much happier and so much healthier this week.

I've been buying for baby - I personally haven't bought anything for the baby this week but Jacek came home yesterday with some short-sleeve bodysuits and bibs for the baby. Things that I bought online have arrived too including three precious handmade Peter Rabbit rompers and some photography props for some newborn pictures I hope to take. I also was gifted the sweet little cloud print onesie featured above, as you all may know, I just love anything with clouds on it so this was such a lovely gift to receive for the baby. It's from Rockin' Baby who have some beautiful and ethical clothing for children. I've featured the brand on the blog before when I featured their gorgeous arrow and stripes inspired outfit on Tyler Lee.

I'm missing - having a full night of undisturbed sleep. I have to get up to use the toilet between three and five times a night and with Jacek going to work early in the morning and Tyler Lee finding it hard to sleep at the moment I feel like I've not been sleeping much at all.

I'm craving - still nothing, although when I see peoples Friday night glass of wine pictures on Instagram I really do miss a nice ice cold glass of it.

I'm loving - having a drawer full of baby clothes. Sometimes I just like to open it and see all the adorable little things. I can't wait to hold my newborn in my arms.
I've been meaning to - still make that hair appointment. It's after getting so long through this pregnancy and I really need to go and have a little pamper for myself.

I can't wait for - my next scan on March 16th, hopefully baby will have turned and not be breech anymore!



  1. Lovely post, sounds like its all going really well. Still lots of time for baby to move from breech position so I wouldn't worry just yet. I've had two sections and they're not the end of the world either! x

  2. Oh my gosh, I had no idea you could see that amount of detail in the anomaly scan - that must be an amazing thing to see! That cloud onesie is too cute. Hope you get some sleep soon - definitely go and pamper yourself!

    C x | Lux Life

  3. How exciting. I can't wait to get into the 20's! I am currently 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my 3rd. It's so exciting isn't it. I hope he turns for you

  4. Eek loving that cloud romper! I'm so glad everything has gone well in the pregnancy so far and fingers crossed that baby turns round for you soon!!

  5. Oh that cloud sleepsuit is just gorgeous. Must be nice having so many scans. Hope the next one has the result you want for you.

  6. Oh I am loving the little cloud romper suit, that is totally divine x

  7. Such a lovely post, I can't imagine how excited to bring a new born. I love the mini outfits so adorable! It seems like your prepared.

  8. Those potty trips can be incredibly annoying. I totally understand. Sometimes with just a kick, they can make you have to go again immediately after having just gone. It's so exciting to watch your progress!

  9. Lots of time for the baby to turn, so I wouldn't worry. Hopefully the pain isn't the start of pelvic girdle pain (aka SPD) but it definitely wouldn't do any harm to step up the pelvic floor exercises and start pregnancy pilates or aquanatal if you aren't doing them already to try to minimise it. What a massive relief all is healthy. I felt the same when I was pregnant last... only my bump gave us the middle finger then turned her back on us!!! Think she's going to be trouble as a teenager!!!!

  10. My son had the cord between his legs, legs crossed and hand in the way at his scan but they said they thought he was a girl. Then I had a scan at 28 weeks and we found out he was a boy, which was a huge shock. Having a suprise will be really lovely for you I wish I had a suprise xx


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