Wednesday, January 13, 2016

22 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

Today marks the end of my 22nd week of pregnancy and I have to say, it feels like a long time ago since I posted a pregnancy update, the weeks must be slowing down having previously felt like they were flying by! This week had been an okay one health wise until I experienced another excruciatingly painful episode of rib and stomach pain again on Sunday night.

I can't even begin to explain the severity of the pain I felt, this being the second time I've had an episode like this, the previous one being on December 3rd which I was hospitalised for. It's beyond scary when it happens and this time was made even worse by the fact that it felt as if my lungs were collapsing and I was gasping for air whilst feeling as though each one of my ribs was being broken at the same time.

I had to be sick twice, which thankfully eased the pain, but I was left shaking on the bathroom floor and in shock and anxious for the following twenty-four hours.

I'm terrified of it happening a third time. I don't even want to go to sleep at night because it only seems to happen around half ten when I'm drifting off to sleep. I visited my GP who thinks it may be a gallbladder issue and I'll have to have an ultrasound for gallstones or an inflamed gallbladder - if so I may need surgery but to be honest, anything would be better than experiencing this pain ever again. It's a pain to rival labour and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

This week...

Baby is the size of a - husk of corn, according to my Ovia pregnancy app. I've changed back to the fruit and veg because I had no idea what the Parisian bakery treats were.

I'm looking forward to - finding an answer as to why I've been having these painful episodes.

My favourite moment was - spending lots of time with Tyler Lee and him falling asleep on my lap on more than one occasion.

I've been feeling - anxious due to that painful episode I experienced again. I really don't want it to happen again.

I've been buying for baby - some gorgeous rainbow and star print sleep suits from Next. I really couldn't resist the rainbows for my rainbow baby. I've also picked up some outfits and photography props for newborn photo shoots.

I'm missing - warm and sunny weather. I'm more than ready for the spring to arrive and perhaps booking a summer holiday!

I'm craving - nothing really, although I won't say no to a mint crisp bar.

I'm loving - making plans for the new baby. I love that I'm having a summer baby.
I've been meaning to - I can finally say that I've found a space to store the baby things for the moment so I haven't been meaning to do anything specific this week.

I can't wait for - the day I get to see the baby again. I'm still waiting for my anomaly scan appointment to come through.



  1. Oh wow, Fiona - poor you! I know this kind of pain from having ovarian cysts - I always said that labour pain was easier to deal with. I really hope things calm down for the rest of your pregnancy. x

  2. Aw you poor thing hope you feel better soon that sounds awful. I hope that the rest of your pregnancy is smoother and that your gallbladder tests go well xxx

  3. That is so scary! Not fun at all. Hopefully they figure out what is causing it soon. Glad everything is okay with the baby at least

  4. Pain in pregnancy can be so scary to go through!! Hopefully you get some answers soon as to what has been causing it. It always seemed like pregnancy slowed down around 16 weeks and stopped going so fast!

  5. Oh no you poor thing , I suffered gallstones in my second pregnancy and my symptoms were exactly the same as you described and so much worse then childbirth. I found that avoiding anything with more then 5 % fat stopped me from suffering until I had my gallbladder removed once my baby was born. I hope that you don't suffer again and can enjoy your pregnancy xx

  6. Yay for babies! There is nothing like the joy of an impending arrival! Excited for you in your journey. Rainbows and stars are very cute! Love your updates!

  7. Hope you don't suffer anymore with the pains, or that they find the solution. That is a really cute sleepsuit.

  8. I hope your doctor can determine the cause of the pain. I'm sorry you were feeling so bad. Being sick and pregnant is no fun. But I have a summer baby too, and they are so fun!

  9. I hope you find an answer for your painful episodes too. Sending you my love x

  10. Hope you feel better and find out what's going on. This is such an exciting time in anyone's life so enjoy it as you can.

  11. I had a summer baby too and LOVED it so much. It was nice to be able to wear lightweight clothes at the end.

  12. Aw, what a sweet post. I'm so happy for you. Also those rainbow jammies are the cutest-I seriously love them.

  13. Very sorry to hear that this is a difficult time for you and that you are not feeling well. I can't even imagine how painful it is. Hope this passes and you begin to feel okay soon.

  14. Ohh so cute and sweet pics! Hope you are ok :)

  15. Very sorry that you aren't feeling well, I hope you get those painful episodes figured out ASAP and start to feel better! Also - I can't believe your little one is the size of a husk of corn already - that's pretty big!!

  16. Yikes! That's some scary sounding pain. I hope you feel better soon! I must say that I love that rainbow suit in the photo. Exactly the kind of thing I would have picked for my little ones. :)

  17. The rainbow baby suit is so cute, I love this design! I love the way you've set up this photo. All of the elements are just so sweet. Your painful episodes sound scary, and I hope they can find a solution that doesn't involve surgery.


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