Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa's Little Selfies With #argospetselfie | Tilly ♥

Christmas is a time for spending with family and for most of us, family includes a member of the animal kind too. I have a cat and a dog, my cat is now 18 years old and my dog is just over a year old and I will always think of them, and all the pets that came before them, as part of the family. Some people even go so far as to buy their pet a Christmas present - I remember my ex's mother buying our kitten a stocking full of cat treats for Christmas, it's still something that makes me smile til this day and years ago my mother used to send Christmas cards to the cats and dog - I kid you not!

This year I've been thinking about our boxer dog Tilly (or Tilly Tot as Tyler Lee affectionately calls her) and I wanted to get her a new toy to play with and a new blanket for her house - this horrible weather we've been having means that her blankets keep getting wet and dirty from her dragging them out of her house, so it'd be good to have another one in rotation! She'll be inside with us on Christmas Day, having a bowl of scraps and meat from the dinner (which I know she'll be delighted with!) and will no doubt be lying by the hearth in the kitchen once her tummy is full. She'll have no idea what's happening but we like to include her anyway, after all, she's family.

As I've said, my cat Sassi is now 18 years old - she's definitely intent on using up her 9 lives, and she's required some extra care since she's entered into her winter years. It's been great to have cat insurance so that we don't have to worry about huge vet bills and have the reassurance that she'll be treated if and when she needs it. We know we're incredibly lucky to have had her around this long and I for one would love to have her around for many years to come.

Argos are currently running a Santa's Little Selfies competition where you can be entered for the chance to win a £100 Argos voucher simply by uploading a festive picture of your cat or dog and using the hashtag #argospetselfie on Twitter or Facebook. There will be two winners - one cat and one dog, because who can choose between an adorable cat or dog?! You can find full T&C's here and the competition will run until midnight on January 3rd.

I'll be sharing the above picture of Tilly who was looking extremely festive last year for her first ever Christmas when she was just 12 weeks old. Isn't she adorable?!

Will you be entering your pet into the #argospetselfie ?

*This is a collaborative post on behalf of Argos.


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