Monday, December 14, 2015

Pregnancy | Baby #2 | Boy Or Girl? ♥

The only thing I seem to be focused on so far throughout this pregnancy is whether baby is a boy or a girl. Honestly, the excitement doesn't weaken from pregnancy to pregnancy, you still get so excited for all the little huge milestones along the way, such as finding out the gender - if you choose to do so of course. I honestly would have loved a surprise and hearing the doctor announce "it's a ...!", but I just can't handle the anticipation and it would drive me insane trying to figure out what baby's gender is for the next six months. I'm the type of girl who shakes her Christmas presents every year to guess what they are and that's only a three week wait!

We will be having a private gender scan on our around the 18th of December when I turn 19 weeks and it was such a lovely experience before when we found out that Tyler Lee was a boy, that I really can't wait for it all again. I thought it'd be a bit of fun to share my symptoms and answers to the various old wives tales I've tried and to see what you all guess I'm having. I had such a strong feeling with Tyler Lee that I was having a boy, I honestly knew from the start that I would be having a son, but with this baby I'm so uncertain, there's been no clear indication - unless you count having various dreams about a baby girl!

Jacek is convinced we're having another boy as all his family is boys, so is mine too apart from myself and my little cousin - it's the two of us among eight boys. I honestly don't mind either way. Yes it'd be lovely to experience children of both genders and lets face it, I really do love the girly things but, I love the idea of Tyler Lee growing up with a little brother too. I'd love them to be best friends. Either way the baby is lucky because I always wanted an older brother, instead I had a younger one - maybe Tyler Lee will be the same?

These are my symptoms and old wives tales -

My only craving is for salad things like tuna salad with mayo, potato salad, bean salad, coleslaw, etc. It was the same with Tyler Lee so that doesn't really indicate any gender.

No real desire for foods I used to love such as chocolate, jellies, etc. Supposedly if you want these foods you're having a girl.

My skin has gotten worse. It's not too bad but it used to always be clear so it's strange to have spots! Bad skin supposedly indicates a girl.

Morning sickness from weeks 4-8, nausea has started to creep back in again at week 15! Morning sickness is supposed to indicate a girl but I had it terrible with Tyler Lee.

Chinese calendar says boy. It was correct with boy for Tyler Lee.

Bump seems to be carrying high instead of low. It was low with Tyler Lee. High supposedly indicates a girl.

A needle on some thread above my palm first went back and forth and then went round in a circle which supposedly indicates a boy and a girl - there's only one in there though, promise!

During a psychic reading I had when I was about 5 weeks pregnant I was told I would have two children, a boy - who I already have and a girl.

So what do you think, boy or girl?



  1. Going by the photos above and previous scans you published I think it will be another boy. 4 more days to go until we all know :)

  2. Every old wives tale going, all the 'theories' (nub and skull) and everything, all my friends and family, my mw, the lot, all thought it was a girl for a 1001 different reasons. We're having another boy, lol.

    Hope your scan is fantastic and that baby plays fair and let's you find out. We have a 3d/4d scan next week, never had one with E so really excited to see how it goes (Will be just over 30weeks, eek)

  3. I think it's funny how all the difficult pregnancy symptoms are signs of girls! I could never decide what I was having either but like you I couldn't wait and found out. A surprise would be nice but I loved knowing!

  4. I love the old wives tales. It was very exciting for me when I found out what kind of baby i was having.
    I enjoyed this post. Angela

  5. Ok I think if we go with the old wives tales then its a girl lol but I think you will be happy with either regardless.
    I am so happy for you Fiona, my belated congratulations.

  6. I'm terrible at guessing. All the wives tales were wrong for me (apart from me initially craving crisps early on - boy, but then it was just food in general, and good skin - boy). Like you it was obvious it was going to be a boy from the fact that my cousins all had boys at that stage, and the OH's family there's 5 nephews and only 1 niece.

  7. I think you are having a boy. How very exciting. I love the idea of waiting but like you I am too impatient! I also love knowing the gender so I can picture my little one and enjoy getting ready for their arrival. Congratulations. Xx

  8. I'd go for girl. Not that I have any real idea of course, but that would be my guess.


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