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Our Year That Was | 2015 ♥

It's the last day of 2015 and it seems that the older I get, the faster the years zoom by. 2015 was a great year for my little family and I. We spent a lot of time outdoors, having adventures and enjoying life and I really hope that 2016 will be just the same. This year was our last full year as a family of three and I like to think that we really did make the most of it. Below are some of my favourite memories and significant moments from 2015.

We began the New Year the right way when Jacek and I went for a delicious meal on New Years Day. This is something we rarely do so it was quite a treat. We continued the great month that was January with a visit to Dublin to see Slipknot and Korn in concert and even though I was dying sick it was great to explore the city and to see some of my favourite bands again. On January 5th Tyler Lee began playschool and I'm delighted to say that he still loves it to this day. Tyler Lee and I spent lots of quality time together this month and we had a lovely visit to Fota House and Gardens together, in fact, we were the only ones there! We also had a visit to Blarney Castle where we witnessed two seasons in one day with all the gorgeous snowdrops and daffodils in bloom, we love the castle gardens. January was a fab month for us and we actually packed a lot in.

In February Tyler Lee experienced his 2nd Valentine's Day and just like the year before I had a mini Valentine's photo session with him - he was so cute! I also was busy making lots of Valentine's Day treats for my boys, which I think turned out pretty well! February is Tyler Lee's birthday month, so we always have a great time planning his presents, party and what we'll do on the day of his birthday. This year we took him to Blarney Castle and I love the pictures I captured of him amongst the daffodils. This year he had an In the Night Garden themed party, which he absolutely loved. My last highlight of February was attending the #CorkBlogMeet15 where I got to meet some more of my fellow bloggers, sample some gorgeous makeup and beauty products and have an amazing time.

March is my birthday month and I had a lovely time with my boys celebrating my 25th birthday. The day after my birthday Jacek and I flew to Amsterdam, one of our favourite cities, and we had an amazing time there exploring the city. My boys and I had a lovely and sunny St. Patrick's Day on the beaches of East Cork and I captured some gorgeous pictures of Tyler Lee in his little vintage green romper. We were also looking forward to Easter and I put together a little woodland Easter egg hunt for Tyler Lee, which he absolutely loved. At the end of March my little blog turned two, it was a great achievement for me to have been blogging for two years.

April was a gorgeous, sunny month here in Ireland an we spent lots of time outdoors. We had a great time at an Alice in Wonderland Easter egg hunt with friends, celebrated Easter outside with another mini Easter egg hunt for Tyler Lee and we even frolicked about in the fields with the newborn lambs. Tyler Lee and I also had some lovely woodland walks this month and I captured some more beautiful pictures of him

May was a pretty quiet month for us, but once again the weather was good so we were able to get out and about. One especially lovely thing that did happen in May was that Tyler Lee and I were featured in Oh Baby! Magazine. This was my first (and probably last!) magazine feature and it was such a fun experience.

In June Jacek and I attended our first ever blogging conference which was Britmums Live in London. It was such a great experience and it was so much fun getting so see some of my fellow bloggers in person. I also began my Weekenders linky (which I'm going to take up again in the New Year) and my boys and I had such great weekends together during the month of June. We visited the beautiful Old Head of Kinsale, Garretstown Beach and took lots of photos along the way.

July was a fabulous month for us. We continued having some great weekends, which I documented in my Weekenders feature. We also went on holiday to Jersey in the Channel Islands to see my Dad and his girlfriend. While we were there Jacek and I took a daytrip to the neighbouring island of Sark, which is absolutely beautiful. We also had a visit to Jersey Lavender Farm, where I captured some of my favourite photos of Tyler Lee ever.

In August we returned to Jersey to spend more time with my Dad, the weather wasn't as nice there as it had been but we still have fun nonetheless! We had lots of fun outdoors in August with Tyler Lee making friends with the animals on my stepdads farm. We also had a visit to the Fairyland in the woods, just two minutes away from my parents house and Tyler Lee loved all the magic and wonder of trying to spot the fairies.

In the first few days of September we were still in Jersey and I was in awe of the nature on the island. I just had to capture some photos of Tyler Lee amongst the sunflowers and I still love these photos to this day. We also had our annual September visit to Fota Wildlife Park and it was great to see Tyler Lee paying more of an interest to the animals there - he's getting so big! September is also Jacek and I's anniversary month and on the 24th we celebrated four years together.
October began with a gorgeous, sunny woodland walk, where we also made it to the beach. I love spur of the moment outdoor adventures like this with my boys. October was the month that we revealed we were expecting baby #2 and we had a fun pumpkin themed photoshoot to announce our good news. I also took Tyler Lee trick-or-treating for the 1st time on Halloween night and he loved ringing the doorbells and interacting with the people when they answered the door - the boy is so social!

In November I began posting my weekly pregnancy updates and it's so lovely to have these as a keepsake as I never documented my pregnancy with Tyler Lee. I also began preparing for Christmas and was busy trying to figure out which gifts to get Tyler Lee. I wasn't feeling very well with my pregnancy and ended up in the emergency room with chest pain, luckily all is fine now. Jacek's mother visited us for three weeks from South Africa and he was delighted to have her here with him to celebrate his birthday and to attend his graduation. He graduated with his law degree and we couldn't have been prouder of him.

December for us was all about preparing for Christmas and as the weather was so bad - it literally rained from November all the way through December, we couldn't go outdoors much or take many pictures as the light was so bad. We did get to see Santa at Wish in Fota Island Resort though and that was an amazing experience. Our Christmas was simple but perfect and just the way any Christmas should be.

I'm really looking forward to 2016 and all it will bring us. We have so much to look forward to, the most important thing being welcoming our new baby to the world in May and beginning our life as a family of four.
I would like to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year 2015, I hope it's filled with happy memories, wonderful adventures and lots of love and luck for us all!




  1. Absolutely stunning photos and memories captured. I documented my second pregnancy and it is so lovely to look back on now as it is something I didn't do with my first!

    Wishing you a quiet new year and lots of fun in 2016 x

  2. Love your year in photos! Your son is the cutest! The hair and those baby blues...oh my goodness! My favorite is the Easter photo with the lamb. So precious!
    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

  3. The photos are just gorgeous, and I love the idea of a Valentines photo shoot. Congratulations on the magazine article, I am sure there will be plenty more. I hope you have a great New Year and look forward to reading about your new arrival next year x

  4. What beautiful photos - and what a gorgeous little lad! As you know, Pickle has curly hair too, but I fear he will lose it when he has it cut :( We have had nothing but rain here either. Happy New Year to you all. Kaz x

  5. It is so much fun to look back over the year at the end of the year!! It's always fun to see how much the kids grow over the year and change. Looks like a great year for your family and Happy New Year!!

  6. What a great year end round up! As the others have said, fantastic photography! That's something I really hope to work on for next year.

  7. This is such a fun post! I love the recap of the year, doesn't it just make you grateful and thankful for life! Your year looks full of love and I hope next year is even more wonderful! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. What am amazing 2015 you had...and you are absolutely talented too with photographs of handsome little Tyler! Here's wishing you a prosperous and equally adventurous New Year! I look forward to your upcoming posts!

  9. When I visit your blog, I know I will get to see some wonderful photographs. I didn't know you were featured in Oh Baby magazine! What a great honor for you!

  10. I wanted to do a recap like this but I just can't through all of the thousands of pictures to pick just one. You did great though because I love the pictures.

  11. One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to go back through my Instagram feed and see all the memories we made as a family throughout the year. And time definitely does fly!

  12. What a lovely year with some beautiful photos to capture each month as well. Hope you enjoyed Dublin back in January. Sometimes I forget how awesome a city it is cos I've been living here so long x

  13. What a wonderful recap of 2015 Fiona, congrats to Jacek on his graduation and again big congrats on your 2nd pregnancy. Wishing you the very best for 2016.

  14. Happy New Year lovely hope you have a good one! Well done for attending your first blog conference and I want to personally thank you for introducing me to promote your blog and social media network group after I read your post on blog traffic. It was one of the most helpful posts I have read xxx

  15. So many beautiful photos and I am still green with envy over Tyler Lee's hair, it is just amazing x

  16. Fabulous review - I always love your pics but the ones of Tyler Lee with the lamb and then the sunflower are just adorable. Well done to Jacek for graduating and so nice to have his mum there too!

  17. You have a beautiful family. We had a rough two years, but I'm hopeful that we are on a road to a more purposeful and family-focused year in 2016.

  18. What a wonderful year, you've captured it beautifully. Sending you every good wish for a wonderful and exciting 2016 xx

  19. Amazing review of your year. I cannot wait to see all your adventures in 2016. Love seeing all your pictures


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