Wednesday, December 09, 2015

17 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

My 17th week of this pregnancy is coming to an end and I seriously can't believe that I'm 18 weeks tomorrow, the second trimester is just zooming by - something which I'm actually delighted about. This week my health took a turn for the worst when a very painful and scary episode happened to me on Wednesday night. I had been feeling a bit off form all that evening and my stomach felt incredibly hard. I couldn't eat my dinner and decided to go to be early. As I lay in bed, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook on my phone (as you do!) I started to get a bad pain in my back, just under my ribs on the right-hand side. I put it down to the baby lying in an awkward way and started rubbing my back to try and ease the pain, after that it got much worse.

The pain started to get very intense and it felt like all my ribs were being crushed at once. I couldn't breathe, couldn't move and had to have a cry for myself because I was scared of what was happening. I've only felt pain like that when I was in labour with Tyler Lee and he was in the O.P. position, all the pain was in my back and this episode was just the same. The pain was so bad that I threw up from it all and when I couldn't get up from the bathroom floor I told Jacek to ring an ambulance, he didn't though, instead he rang South Doc who told him to take me to the emergency room in the maternity hospital as the nurse thought I may have a clot in my lungs. Before I left for the hospital the pain had eased off but I was still quite shook from it all.

After three blood tests - one blood sample taken from my wrist, (the most painful thing that I never want to experience again!), an ECG on my heart again, a chest x-ray at three in the morning to examine my lungs (my 1st ever x-ray by the way), the doctor couldn't find anything definitive and admitted me to hospital for observation. During all this my blood pressure was normal, so typical after it had been high since the beginning of this pregnancy. I was told that the pain was probably caused my a musculoskeletal issue, that maybe the muscle and tissue between my ribs had been bruised and twisted in some way and this caused the pain in my ribs. I never want to experience that pain again but since Wednesday night I've had pain in my back and I'm terrified of it happening again. 

If anyone else has ever experienced this during their pregnancy I'd love to hear from you and if you got a diagnosis to what it was. I've looked online and could only find posts from two other ladies who experienced the same thing but never got an answer to what it was. This pregnancy has been such a rollercoaster. Lets hope week 18 brings no more health problems, please!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - naval orange, according to my pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - spending Christmas with my boys and Jacek having some much needed time off.

My favourite moment was - being able to go home from hospital and being with my boys again. It's lovely to watch films with them in the evenings.

I've been feeling - much better, thankfully! I feel as though I'm nesting too, going on spur of the moment cleaning sprees and wanting to get rid of a lot of things from the house to make room for the baby's things.

I've been buying for baby - I haven't bought anything this week, even though I was cooing over some gorgeous neutral baby clothes in Boots, but Jacek has bought two big boxes of wipes. Boxes of ten packs of Huggies Pure wipes are now on offer in Dealz for just €7 and I know Jacek will be back for more at the weekend.
I'm missing - not being in pain. Ever since my painful episode the other night I've had pain in my back and ribs plus my stomach has been hardening. I need a much needed massage!

I'm craving - nothing, although after meeting my friend and her gorgeous new baby boy during the week and our chats about takeaways I had to get Jacek to go and get me some Mexican chips, yum!

I'm loving - being back home. I honestly don't want to see a hospital bed again until I'm giving birth!
I've been meaning to - take some new pictures of Tyler Lee. I've been really slacking in the photography department the past few months. I need to get some new gorgeous pictures of my little babe while he's still an only child.

I can't wait for - the gender scan! It's finally booked and I can't wait to see if it's pink or another blue one for us.



  1. I'm 20 weeks and my pregnancy as been such a nervewracking rollcoaster too. We had our scan yesterday and there's a concern with the baby's heart so now I have to follow up with a fetal echocardiogram next week, which is just going to increase my anxiety even more than it's already been with this pregnancy. I had two miscarriages in the year before getting pregnant this time due to a thyroid disorder and even though that's looked great this pregnancy I've had horrible pregnancy anxiety and insomnia and now this. I'm just ready for him to be here so I completely understand the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy. xoxox one pregnant momma to another

    Angela @ Stepping into Motherhood

  2. God, that must have been so frightening for you. I can only hope that this pain settles down soon & that there are no more mishaps till baby is born. It's a bit early but wishing you a very QUIET, pain-free Christmas!

  3. Oh my gosh what you had sounds exactly what I had when I was pregnant with my 2nd. The hospital could not find out what was wrong and it happend again and after days of tests they found it that it was gallstones which are common in pregnany. I had my gallbladder removed after I had my baby, it may be worth getting checked for it just incase although I hope it is not as the pain was so bad xxx


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