Friday, November 27, 2015

Our New Christmas Tradition | The Elf On The Shelf ® ♥

It's almost December 1st and I don't know about you, but for me that's the start of the Christmas season, the date when it's finally acceptable to embrace all things festive, glittery, magical and Christmas themed. I really do love Christmas, I always have and I always will and now that I'm a parent myself I try to look for ways to make Christmastime just as special for my little boy (and his future sibling!), as it was for me when I was a child.

Last year I discovered The Elf On The Shelf ® and thought it was such a lovely idea. I'm all for promoting the magic of Christmas and Santa to my son and I knew that this year, now that Tyler Lee is that bit older and understands what Christmas actually is (oh how his face lights up at a scene of anything Christmassy on the TV or in a book, he's a boy after his mother's own heart!) I've decided to introduce The Elf On The Shelf ® tradition to him.

The Elf On The Shelf ® is a scout elf who families can adopt from the North Pole. The Elf On The Shelf ® watches over your little ones during the day to make sure they're being on their best behaviour to get on Santa's 'nice list'. I would have loved a scout elf when I was a child, all we had was 'Santa's Magic Spot' and if you know what that is then you also had a fab childhood!

She (our elf is a girl!) uses Christmas magic to fly around the house and anywhere else she needs to go and where she ends up the next day and whatever she may be doing is the most exciting aspect of The Elf On The Shelf ® for little ones - who can resist some magic and wonder, especially at Christmas? I know I would have loved to have my own scout elf as a child and that is why I am beginning this tradition with Tyler Lee.

Our scout elf's name is Trixiebelle (you may notice that this is also my Twitter name!). Both names 'Trixie' and 'Belle' popped up on a The Elf On The Shelf ® name ideas board on Pinterest and I thought it was just perfect. Trixiebelle will beginning sprinkling her magic around our home and setting her good examples for Tyler Lee come December 1st, the day we register her name at the North Pole and I honestly can't wait to see his reaction, I'm sure he'll just love her!

We also have The Elf On The Shelf ®: A Christmas Tradition book to read to Tyler Lee, to let him understand a bit more why Trixiebelle will be in our house on the run up to Christmas. It's such a gorgeous book and I'm delighted to have it as part of our scout elf's visit.

I shall be posting about all of Trixiebelle's magic and good examples to Tyler Lee on our Instagram @fiandtylerlee and I may just have to share some snippets of her festive adventures in our home, here on the blog too.

*We were sent this product for the purposes of this feature.



  1. We had Elf on the Shelf visit our home last December - the kids really enjoyed it! Some mornings we had to remind them to go search for her (ours is a girl too!) as some mornings it's hard to get everyone up and out the door on time! It's a fun tradition, and fun for parents as staging the Elf can be done in so many different ways or places in the home. Sometimes we pull out other toys and stage scenes (or have Elf eating leftover Halloween candy) and the kids think it's a hoot. Have fun with your Elf this year!

  2. We have brought an Elf on the shelf this year for the first time and I can not wait to introduce him to my little ones. I too hope that my children have as magical Christmases as I did as a child xx


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