Wednesday, November 18, 2015

14 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and once again I'm late writing this as I'll be 15 tomorrow, although I quite like writing these updates at the end of the week rather than at the beginning so I can really document everything.

This week I've been feeling quite a bit better, still experiencing headaches quite regularly but the chest pain only came on two evenings, last night being one and I wanted to cry with the pain. I must go back to my GP on Thursday to check my blood pressure again but it's pointless really as it's always fine in the morning and spikes late evening and night. I also threw up this week, I have no idea why this has started again as I haven't thrown up since seven or eight weeks but I really don't want this symptom back!

I've begun to really think about the baby's name, I think I've settled on a boys name - first and middle, although this might change between now and actually meeting the baby. I'd just like to get Tyler familiar with a name before baby's arrival so that he knows who we're talking about. Any guesses for the name?!

Hopefully the weeks fly by now to week 18 where we can find out the gender. I'm awful not being able to live with the suspense of not knowing!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - peach, according to my pregnancy app. I love being able to imagine the growth week by week now because of the fruit!

I'm looking forward to - finding out the gender on or around December 10th - who was I kidding thinking I could leave it as a surprise?!

My favourite moment was -getting lots of cuddles off my poorly boy. I wish they were happy cuddles and not sickly cuddles but the fact that all he wanted was his mummy has made me safe in the knowledge that I'm not redundant yet!

I've been feeling - better this week and the chest pain only occurred on two occasions, although it was very bad and painful last night - I wanted to cry.

I've been buying for baby - still nothing, I haven't even been out of the house due to my car being in the garage and the awful weather but I have begun to think about the things we already have for baby and that I should get them cleaned and organised soon.

I'm missing - a life without breathlessness. Climbing the stairs is like conquering Everest at this stage...

I'm craving - the cravings seem to have subsided this week, although I would love a hash brown roll with some red sauce if anyone's up for getting me one?!

I'm loving - all the dreams I've been having about babies this week. I actually had a dream about the baby being born, what the gender was and their full name. The middle name was Dawn, a name that I had never even contemplated before. A sign that the baby will be born in the morning like it's big brother?
I've been meaning to - begin clearing out the room which will be the nursery. It's currently our office and there is a lot of stuff in there. I predict everything being done after Christmas though.

I can't wait for - the private gender scan! I just want to know if it's another boy or a girl at this stage so I can get organised and pick a name.



  1. So good to hear you're a wee bit better on the pain front. Just take it easy! Thanks again to all concerned re. the DW watch - really excited!

  2. Thanks so much Kate, I hope it disappears for good soon! You're very welcome, enjoy it :)


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