Wednesday, November 11, 2015

13 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and am a little late writing this as I'm 14 weeks tomorrow, finally it seems to be progressing because I felt like the weeks were dragging before! According to my app I'm now in the second trimester and it feels great to say that because being pregnant after a miscarriage, I find myself constantly checking my symptoms, etc. My mind is slowly becoming at ease now.

This week has been quite hard. I had another visit to my GP to recheck my blood pressure and I complained to her again about the chest pains I'm getting because they're very painful and are becoming quite unbearable in the evenings now - I find myself having to go to bed at half eight to try and ease the pain - watching the Royle Family on YouTube is helping to give me some giggles and take my mind off the pain!

The GP sent me up to the ER in the maternity hospital as she said she couldn't let those symptoms I was having - chest pain, headaches and blurred vision, go without being checked by the hospital. I had a four hour wait (I admit, I cried a little because I was on my own, extremely tired and in pain) but when I finally got to see the doctor I got an extensive check up just to see what is going on and causing all these symptoms.

I had an ECG, had my lungs checked, have been put on medication to try and bring down my blood pressure and I got another scan just to check all is okay with baby. I also got to hear their precious heart beat for the first time! It was such a lovely moment and it really ended my awful day on a high.

My blood pressure was very high again when I was leaving the hospital - 147/100, so I have to return to my GP soon to see if the medication is working to bring it down. I really don't think so though because if anything the chest pain is getting worse. I hope week 14 is a healthier one for me!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - kiwi, according to my pregnancy app. I finally can relate to the size!

I'm looking forward to - a day when I actually wake up and feel healthy and like myself again. I've felt so ill since my last update.

My favourite moment was - seeing the baby again this week and hearing it's heartbeat for the first time! Even though I was in the emergency room for more serious symptoms it was so lovely of the doctor to check that baby was okay.

I've been feeling - so weak. I'm now on bed rest and it's awful. I'm actually so bored and I don't even want to turn the laptop on because I've already caught up with all the shows I watch!

I've been buying for baby - nothing so far, I haven't even made it out the door this week. Jacek bought a large box of baby wipes but I predict these will be used long before baby arrives! I have been thinking about what we need for baby though and working out what we already have. As this is my second pregnancy I know what I'll actually use with the baby and won't be wasting any money on 'must haves' which we didn't even end up using with Tyler. I recently contributed to a New Baby Checklist, where I gave my honest opinions on four products that people usually buy and use during pregnancy and once their baby arrives. You can read through the list here, which contains 36 'essentials' for mum and baby.

I'm missing -a life without acid reflux, headaches and chest pain. Hopefully it all stops soon...

I'm craving - still salad. It's quite sad that my unborn baby is already healthier than I will ever be!

I'm loving - lighting my Christmas scented candles and taking some time to relax. I've been told by family members and the doctors I've seen that I need to de-stress.

I've been meaning to - Begin my pregnancy journal and record this pregnancy to look back on in the future. I know I have these blog posts but I love having everything written down too. I also need to complete Tyler's scrapbook of all our time together before the new arrival.

I can't wait for - the next scan, which will be on December 23rd - a lovely Christmas present for sure! I love seeing my little baby on the screen and it's such an active baby already, so lovely to see it wriggling about.



  1. Oh goodness, sounds awful! I hope you feel better soon and I also hope the medication works. The dreaded acid reflux is horrible too. The heartbeat is such a lovely and reassuring sound and makes up for all of that, I'm glad you got to see and hear the bubba again. xx

  2. It's so magical hearing the heartbeat for the first time - sorry you're having such a tough time of it, and glad that helped end the day on a high too. Fingers crossed the doctors can find some medication which works better and the pains are soon over along with the first trimester.

  3. Oh Fi, I am sorry to hear you're having such a tough time of it. You let everyone look after you and take all the rest you need and then some.
    Lots of love to you
    Nicola xx

  4. I got a pregnancy journal for both my pregnancies and I was pretty awful at recording it. Chloe's one is pretty much empty. I hope your blood pressure will stay down now. Mine only went up towards the very end

  5. How terrible feeling rough. But good you got it checked out. Salad's very healthy, and definitely better than my diet while I was pregnant!

  6. Ahhh Fi i`m sorry you've had such a hard time. it absolutely blows when you feel rubbish in a pregnancy! I`ve been so lucky this time but with Tyne and Noah I felt like death the whole way through and it is so incredibly depressing when you want to enjoy the experience but can't!
    I hope you get some answers and start to feel better soon, and I hope your bp comes down! Make sure they keep an eye on that.
    I'm glad you got to hear the heartbeat though! And I think you have the same journal I had for my pregnancy with Tyne, I loved that one! xx

  7. Oh gosh I hope you are taking it easy with blood pressure like that hun and I love that the baby is the size of a kiwi, how cute an image x


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