Monday, November 02, 2015

12 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

I'm now twelve weeks pregnant with our second precious bubs. It feels amazing to have made it this far and the prospect of meeting our rainbow baby seems all the more real. I feel like I've already been seen so much throughout this pregnancy, you can read my updates from weeks 4 - 11 here, having gotten to see baby twice already and having my booking appointment in hospital done and dusted. I now just need to sit and wait for my 20 week scan, which is happening the day before Christmas Eve - a lovely early Christmas gift for me getting to see the baby again!

This week I find myself thinking more and more about the gender. At first I had an inkling of what the baby may be but as time goes on I feel my inclinations disappearing. I've been contemplating whether to have a gender scan or not, which will take place on or around the 10th of December if we do go ahead with it, but maybe it'd be nice to hear the doctor say at the birth "it's a...!". We found out with Tyler and from that moment on it was all blue!

I feel better in myself this week, although I still get chest pains in the evening and have to go for repeat blood pressure monitoring either tomorrow or Wednesday morning - depending on when my doctor is free. I really hope my blood pressure is back to normal and there's no more spikes because I don't fancy another trip to the hospital. I've also been incredibly hungry this week. I still feel queasy and even the slightest thing can put me off my food so I've been sticking to cheese or ham on toast, but as soon as I'm done I'm starving again, it's horrible. I never had this with Tyler, this pregnancy is so different!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - fig, according to my pregnancy app. I have to admit that I've no idea what a fig looks like as I've never had one so I can't even imagine how big that is, oops.

I'm looking forward to - booking a gender scan if we do decide to go ahead with it, it was one of my favourite moments from my pregnancy with Tyler.

My favourite moment was - going trick or treating with my boy for the first time. It was great to get out and about again, breathe in some fresh air and he was as good as gold so that really helped matters too! He really enjoyed it and I loved seeing his little face light up when he got to ring the doorbells, he was so sociable with everyone too.

I've been feeling - really positive, probably the most content I've felt in ages. I think this baby is a happy little soul.

I've been buying for baby - nothing yet, I actually have only bought two things so far for this baby and that was before I even knew I was pregnant! I got two adorable rainbow and toadstool print babygros from the Little Bird collection in Mothercare. I got them in the sale and I'm so glad I did now.

I'm missing - having a sneaky energy drink during the day. Sometimes I think a little energy drink pick up would do me good but I know I'm doing wonders for my health staying away from them!

I'm craving - salad, but not just any salad, a mixture of the salads from the salad bar where Jacek works and a sliced boiled egg are all I live for right now. I craved salad when pregnant with Tyler too - my babies are far more health conscious than I am!

I'm loving - having a nap when Tyler naps. I know I'm blessed to have an almost three year old who still enjoys his day time nap and it's such a Godsend. It means we can spend time together in the mornings and the evenings without any of our time together being compromised. I'm trying to spend all the time I can with him before the new baby arrives.

I've been meaning to - go through the old clothes we've kept of Tyler's and donate what we don't need to charity. We're having a summer baby this time round so newborn and 0-3 month old snowsuits, etc. just aren't needed.

I can't wait for - those first flutters from baby.  Pregnancy after miscarriage means you're always on the lookout for pregnancy signs/symptoms or lack there of. Feeling movement from the baby will be so reassuring and so lovely to experience again.



  1. A lovely update. We didn't find out gender with Blake but if we decide to have more children I think we would find out.

  2. I can't believe you are 12 weeks aready. It's so exciting and that you get to have your next scan right before xmas that is the icing on the cake! I know what it feels like waiting for the little flutters but it will be such an amazing feeling when you finally do. So happy for you that all is going well and looking forward to the next update x

  3. Congratulations on your 12 week old baby 'fig' how cute and I hope you are happy in the decision you make regarding the gender scan. Have you got any ideas for names?

  4. So glad that you're feeling a bit better!

  5. Your baby fig would go well with your salad cravings - I'm trying to think of something a similar size, perhaps a bit smaller than a kiwi but more of a droplet shape? Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, it'll be interesting to compare the two especially when the baby is here and you know the gender :)

  6. This is such a cute post, Love the photos of Tyler Lee cuddling your bump he will make a great big brother. I never guessed what any of my own children were as I just had no clue at all, how exciting your 20 week scan is just before Christmas xx

  7. How healthy are your cravings! Mine was strawberry flavoured quality streets with Stacey and ready salted crisps with Oscar. Seriously unhealthy choices!! LOL

    Louise x

  8. I enjoyed your post! I craved orange juice when i was pregnant. Goo luck for week 13. I hope it goes well for you. Angela x

  9. aww congratulations Fiona. I used to love napping when I was pregnant. Great that your craving salad I craved peanut butter.

  10. Aww I love your pregnancy updates! I'm impressed with your healthy cravings and napping seems like a sensible option when you'll soon have two young ones running riot! x

  11. Lovely post Fi :) I'm so thrilled for you.
    I craved eggs like they were going out of fashion when I was pregnant with Abbie. And I went off ham altogether, could not stomach it.Pregnancy does the most amazing and the most funniest things to us :)
    Nicola x

  12. Such a great photograph. I have the same Polaroid but white version. I just wanna say, congrats on your 12 weeks of pregnancy. I hope your doing well, I can't imagine how scary it is to have different feeling from first to second being pregnant. I hope that your chest pain goes away but so far you're doing a pretty good job.Tyler looking amazing!

  13. Awww amazing! Love the flat lay :D & photos
    Such a shame you cant use Tyler's clothes for baby - would have been ideal.
    Charlotte x


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