Monday, October 05, 2015

When We Walked In Fields Of Gold... ♥

We went back to the golden field again, I mean, how can we not when I'm greeted by it out the kitchen window everytime I go to my parents house and can see it as I drive on the only road into our island. We ventured a bit further in the field this time though, actually walking the field of gold, and it was just my little rainbow bright and I to enjoy the yellow blooms in their full glory - Daddy was stuck at home studying for a law exam - we got the better end of the stick for sure.

I also wanted to go back to the field as I invested in a new lens for my camera at the weekend and was dying to put it to the test and see how well it could capture the world around me and what a better subject than that beautiful yellow sea of blooms? When we stepped into the field we immediately got a sweet, heavenly scent, a scent which just brought summer to the forefront of my mind. I don't know whether that means that the rape seed is ready to be harvested or what but it certainly was a great addition to our field venturing and made our trip there all the better.

We lay in the tall grass looking at the towering yellow flowers above us, balancing on their green stalks which were swaying gently in the breeze. Cabbage butterflies were flitting from one flower to the next, like tiny dancers, each taking there turn to whirl around their ballroom with the fabulously golden floor. I could have lay there forever with my boy watching the butterflies and the white, fluffy clouds floating by against the bright blue sky, I hadn't a care in the world at that moment in time and I loved it. Why can't all days be like this?

Soon this beautiful sea of yellow will be gone and we'll have to find somewhere new to lay on the grass and take pictures. We'll enjoy it while it lasts though, there's no better colour to make you smile and be happy in life than yellow.

" I never made promises lightly, And there have been some that I've broken, But I swear in the days still left, We'll walk in the fields of gold"
- Eva Cassidy, 'Fields of Gold'.


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