Friday, October 02, 2015

October Outings | Sunshine, Strolls & Sea Air ♥

Yesterday marked the beginning of a new month and this spurred me on to pick up my camera once again and get outside with my boys - does anyone else ever feel super motivated when it's the beginning of something new? We headed to one of our favourite places on the island, Marlogue Woods, where I was expecting to see all the colours of autumn in abundance. However, the wood hasn't fully embraced the colourful season yet and the trees are still full of bright green leaves, though there were splashes of autumn hues on some trees and brown leaves littered the path.

It was such a sunny and warm day and it was lovely to stroll through the woods, capturing bursts of light through the trees and kicking up leaves as we went. Jacek was adamant that we go down to the beach, something I wasn't keen on as the trek back up is something else but off we went and aren't I glad we did, the sun on the beach was just glorious and as I sat there in the warm sunshine on the stones looking at my boys having fun down on the shoreline and breathing in the sea air I felt very happy.

This area of the island is so beautiful and I love the view of the little church across the water in East Ferry. It was so great to get out as a family and enjoy the fresh air, it really did do us the world of good. Tyler Lee was wiped out from all his running around and fell asleep in the car on the way home, such a little dote.

I loved snapping some new pictures again and capturing the love between my boys, the last remnants of summer and some of the essences of autumn beginning to flourish.



  1. lovely pictures, you guys look happy :)

    1. Thank you Marie, we're always very happy when we can get out and about together in the sunshine :)


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