Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Living Arrows | Unique, Fun & Charitable Kids Clothing From Rockin' Baby ♥

I really love it when I find stores, whether online or in my city, that sell unique, great quality clothing for my son. I find that most stores concentrate on the girls collections and the boys ones just seem to be an afterthought, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered Rockin' Baby and their fabulous range of unique, colourful and imaginative range of children's wear, where the boys clothes are just as lovely as the girls.

There were so many lovely collections in their boys range but I fell in love with the arrow print sweat pants and top. They reminded me of these leggings which Tyler Lee wore before and which were super popular - I even received emails from people looking to buy these leggings so when I found these arrow print clothes from Rockin' Baby I knew I just had to feature them because all of you out there would love them for your little ones too.

The clothes are finished perfectly and are of fantastic quality. The sweat pants and top are made of slightly thicker material, making them perfect for keeping my boy warm, cosy and stylish in these colder months of the year. The top is a lighter material which is so soft and it matches the sweat pants and t-shirt perfectly. I love how the hood and lining of the sweat top has the matching navy and white stripes on the t-shirt and the bear design just gives it a fun, woodland look, perfect for this time of year.

Rockin' Baby have an ethical and charitable aspect to their shop too, for every clothing item (and other items too including their gorgeous range of slings) purchased, they give one to a mother and child in need and I for one am so delighted by this aspect to their range. It's always great to know your child is getting something lovely and that you're helping to give someone in need something nice and much needed too.

I really do love Rockin' Baby's range of clothing, which is available from newborn to ten years old. It's fun, whimsical, unique and well made and really, what more could I ask for? I love this look on Tyler Lee and hope you do too, the arrow print is just perfect and will forever be one of my favourites for my boy.

max arrow print sweat pants // hunter bear stripe tee // miller arrow print sweat top

*We were sent these products for the purposes of this review, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Don't get me on the subject of the lack of choice for boys - really annoys me that there are racks of things for girls and a few bits of dark, dull stuff for boys. Rockin' Baby do seem to do some nice pieces and they don't seem to be afraid of colour either.

  2. Totally agree that it seems like boys are an after thought, it is something that really annoys me. I love the arrow print jogger My youngest has some very similar that have anchors on them. They are so comfy too and look nice.

  3. I love the arrow range too! SO CUTE! It's good to know they go up to ten years! It's also lovely they give to a mother/baby in need, that's awesome.
    I always struggle finding cute clothes for boys, there's so much choice for girls and hardly any choice for boys. I'll have to check out rockin baby! Lovely photos by the way :) xx

  4. Its been a bug bear of mine now for 3 years, the first 6 months were okay as there was loads of cute baby bits but from 6-9month onwards girls clothes seem to rule! Ive not heard of this brand before but will be looking into them, especially the tracksuit. Thank you

  5. What a lovely outfit, I have not heard of these before so will have to check them out as I am always looking for clothes for Jacob. I totally agree that their is so many gorgeous girls clothes in some shops and boys seem to be an afterthought xx

  6. Ooh I love finding out about new brands for boys clothes! I like how thick the hoodie and bottoms are, perfect for the winter months coming up! Sabrina xx

  7. I always struggled to find clothes I liked for my on when he was younger. I love this little outfit, the arrow print is awesome. Absolutely amazing that they help people in need with every purchase too!

  8. Love the outfit! Very cute and funky! I absolutely adore arrows so I'm glad they're not just a 'hipster' thing now :)

  9. Your little boy has the most gorgeous curls, I love the top that you picked out for him. It is cheeky, fun and definitely not boring. Great look and what are their girls clothes like ?

  10. Fab outfit, got to say now my lo is now nearly 5 im finding it harder and harder to get unique clothes and he has no uniform he school so wish I could find more bits for him. Im off to check out rockin babys. It's fab to tat they give back

  11. Ahhhh adorable!!! Tyler looks good in anything but he certainly suits this look! The boys ranges in stores this season are appalling, I had to search for literally days to find anything I liked and even then only the baby range from H & M gave me anything I liked! Next year when Tyne doesnt fit into their baby range anymore I`ll be at a loss!
    I cant wait to see if your new baby has TLs curls by the way, HOW adorable will that be! X

  12. Oh bless him - such adorable photos. And I love the sweatpants. I really struggle to find clothes for my two year old boy on the high street. So much so, I buy the majority of his clothes from small online stores. Will definitely look in to this brand. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. I love those little tiny clothes! I used to have a thing for comfy tracksuits when my little ones were smaller, just seems kinder to put them in things like that that stiff jeans etc.
    He looks gorgeous! (I especially love that bear tee)
    Anna x


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