Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fairyland ♥

"Don't you know that everybody's got a Fairyland of their own?” 
 - P.L. Travers. Mary Poppins

Ever since I began this blog I've had so many lovely comments saying that where I live looks like a fairyland and I have to wholeheartedly agree, Ireland really does look like a fairyland, or is in fact a fairy land. Everywhere I go there are flowers in bloom and the hedgerows look so pretty and although the landscape is predominately made up of lush shades of green, there are splashes of colour to see everywhere too. Ireland truly is a magical place to live with so much beauty and I really am blessed to live here.

I went on some mini adventures with my little tot today and we saw all the above flowers in the places we visited, each reminding me of a little fairy garden, everything being so colourful, pretty and dainty. The grass is dotted with daisies and little blue flowers, we ate lunch sitting amongst them looking out onto the lake, it was Heaven with the sun shining. We visited our field of gold again which just oozed the scent of summer and as we lay amongst the tall grass looking up to the gold blooms and bright blue sky, I couldn't help but think that was life was just perfect for myself and my little boy. I could have lay there all day watching the clouds go by.

I took so many pictures of bluebells today, I just love those little flowers so much, they look so delicate and always remind me of the fairies from the Cicely Barker Flower Fairies book I had as a child (and which is now in my sons room). I even found a pink version which I had never come across before, so shall I call them pinkbells? My little boy and I walked upon paths strewn with pink rose petals, were greeted by flowers wherever we went and only had the company of butterflies to keep us entertained today.We blew wishes on dandelion blooms and I told him they were fairies flying away, he laughed as they floated off in the air, it warmed my heart. It was such a peaceful day and I wish everyday was like this.

With the sun shining, discovering new places and seeing so many pretty sights before us it would be hard to say that we don't live in a fairy land, cause everything we saw and did today on our mini adventures was absolutely magical. My mother always says I live in a fairyland as I don't like to think of anything negative and may be a bit naive at times but if she saw the world through my eyes, from my photographs above, I think she'd know why I can only ever see the beauty in everything.

Fairytales and fairylands aren't just for children, adults can see the magic too, they just need to let go and immerse themselves in the whimsy and beauty of it all.



  1. Very beautiful pictures =]


  2. Love the blue (andpink!) bells in there, beautiful sunshine too!! It's always magical to stop for a little while and enjoy the world instead of rushing around in it :)

    Thanks for sharing,
    Georgee from pixelsandpine.com


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