Sunday, October 25, 2015

As Long As I'm Living, My Baby He'll Be... ♥

I've been such a silly mummy as of late. I've had people express their concerns to me about my son and his development and I let them get to me, I let them make me doubt him and his abilities, even though deep down I knew there was nothing wrong with him whatsoever.

It all boiled down to his speech, or lack there of... until two weeks ago when he suddenly began repeating everything I said, singing songs and learning everybody's name. I had people tell me that him speaking in his own language was something to be concerned about, and suddenly, something which I had always found endearing and a trait of my little boy's, had turned into something which worried me, something which made me want to take him to the public health nurse to inquire about speech therapy. Oh how glad I am that I listened to my gut and didn't take him.

Yes it has taken Tyler Lee longer than most children to master the ability to talk. He's still not fluent but he tries very hard and for that I'm as proud of him as possibly can be. I feel so stupid and actually quite ashamed of myself that I let complete strangers make me question my boy - it just goes to show that mummy always knows best... I'm only angry at myself that I didn't stand up for him more and tell people that there's absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Not all children are the same, some take longer to develop than others and even though he seemed to understand everything I said and asked for from him, he just didn't know (or want to) communicate with me or anyone else. It made me sad to think of him being lonely, not being about the say what he wanted and becoming frustrated with his lack of skill that he simply might give up trying whatsoever. I had no need to worry, he just needed time.

He surprised me this week, he counted the stars on the ceiling with me at bedtime, not to his usual ten but to twenty. I was even more shocked when he counted to fifty the next day with me counting along with him. He also began saying "merci coup", which I can only imagine meant "merci beaucoup" to him - I have no idea where he's learning the French from! Could a child who had difficulty learning to talk say all these things to me, I don't think so. I'm so sorry I doubted my boy.

I've been worrying so much - more stupid worries I'm sure - about this new baby, how Tyler Lee will adjust and even if I'll have enough love to go around - how bloody stupid is that of me? Tyler Lee is my absolute world, I've spent almost everyday of his life with him and we're very close, I worry about becoming a mother of two and not just having my little angel man anymore.

Whatever the future holds, he can rest assured that he will always be my baby, the one who made me a mother, the one who I shall never doubt again, the one who taught me how to mother and the one who never fails to surprise me.

As long as I'm living, my baby he'll be.



  1. My little boy is the same age as Tyler Lee and has been much slower than his sisters and brother to speak but he too in the last couple of weeks has come on in leaps and bounds. Wouldn't the world be terribly dull if we all had textbook children?
    You are a wonderful Mummy xx

  2. Love this post. I have felt the same way but when Blake learned to crawl a bit later than hs friends did. He is now crawling all over the place and loves standing up with support. I just have to keep telling myself each child is different so Blake will do things differently compared to his friends and other children.

  3. My little man didn't speak until he was over 2. He does have difficulty pronouncing g and g and they say that is because he is a late speaker. He is going to start speech therapy soon just to help. Don't let other people get to you he is your boy and you know him best xx

  4. I can totally relate I sometimes hear little comments about L's development and start to compare her to others babies, wondering if I should be doing more tummy time, more sensory play - feeling worried that I'm letting her down, that she isnt coming on. They all develop at their own pace and you're right we should jsut relax and enjoy them :)

  5. You're right, not all children are the same, they all learn these things at different stages. Bless Tyler Lee counting along with you, how sweet! And I worried when I was pregnant with my second baby - that I wouldn't have enough love to go around. I needn't have worried. Lovely photos, too. What camera do you use? xx

  6. I love these photos and your sons gorgeous curls! My daughter will always be my baby too even when she has grown up. I enjoyed your post. it was really heartfelt and i can relate you what you say. Angela

  7. You're right to ignore people, every child develops at their own pace. He counted to 50 with you and is speaking French?! I'm sure he's doing just fine! Xx

  8. I'm so glad Tyler Lee had a speech explosion! Like you said, every child talks at their own time. Some do need a little help along the way. You will have plenty of love for both of your kiddies - I had the same concerns when I was pregnant with my second child. Worry comes with mommyhood I'm afraid. x

  9. What a lovely post and I am glad that Tyler has started to speak, don't let anyone question your parenting because you are a fantastic mother and don't let anyone tell you any different! Where was this shoot taken?

    1. Thank you Ana for your kind words :) These pictures were taken on the Ardmore cliffs, Waterford, Ireland.

  10. Such sweet photos! You always seem to be out making the most of any good weather in very scenic locations x

  11. Fiona I wouldn't worry about his speech at all. The vast majority of kids take their time to speak especially boys. We went to speech and language therapy with Matthew but I didn't really care because I know he will catch up on his speech when he's ready. So I just took everything in and that was it really.
    He will be a great little talker by the age of 3.

  12. You are right, kids all develop differently and you would know in your heart of hearts if there was something wrong. It sounds like his language is all falling into place, and he'll soon be talking non-stop. That brings it's own challenges

  13. What beautiful pics. Where is this?
    My son was a late talker. He is flying at school though and absolutely loves reading! They all develop at different rates, love this time and enjoy him. It will all come in time x


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