Friday, September 25, 2015

Snippets Of My Life Via Instagram ♥

My new favourite candle // Heaven on Earth // Sleeping Beauty // Yummy healthy snacks // Glitter fairy // Christmas on the beach // Feeling ill // Perfect coloured roses // New makeup

It's been quite awhile since I had a little Instagram update on here. It's still my favourite app ever but I find that I no longer use it as much as I once did, I guess I just feel uninspired to snap away on my phone or camera at the moment... I still love seeing all the beautiful pictures people share though.

My new favourite candle is the Lavender Yankee Candle* which now sits beside my bed. I light it during the day for a couple of hours and at night before I go to bed and the scent of calming, relaxing lavender just fills up the whole upstairs of my house. The scent is sleep inducing, just what I need for sweet dreams... Heaven on Earth, one of my favourite places in the whole, wide world - St. Ouens Beach, Jersey, Channel Islands. That beach seriously doesn't look like it's only and hour and a half away from Ireland on the plane. I could spend my life there and never get bored of the view, look at the beautiful, fluffy white sand, paradise. My baby boy and I are extremely close these days, we sleep in the same room now and he even falls asleep upon me when we're watching television. I love cuddling up to him, he's such an affectionate little thing. Mine and Tyler Lee's new favourite healthy snacks are the complete and utter yumminess that are Kelkin's Oaty Bakes*, the raspberry kind being my favourite. These are so delicious and I pack some in Tyler Lee's lunch box for pre-school. I sometimes have a pack myself for breakfast, they have all the bite of a biscuit without the unhealthy sugar. The lovely people at Kelkin even sent us an old-fashioned bottle of milk in our hamper, I love it! I used a heart shaped massage bar from Lush, I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, and when I got out of the bath I was covered from head to toe in glitter. Some people joked that I was a glitter fairy and I think it could be true judging by the pic above! When we were in Jersey at the end of August we came across a little corner shop which had a load of Christmas stock, we couldn't believe it! So for the laugh we bought a selection box and a chocolate Santa to enjoy during our BBQ on the sunny beach - can't beat Christmas on the beach! I've been feeling quite ill lately but on the day I finally was able to put on some makeup I just had to take a selfie, a rather moody looking one at that! I love the new 'moon' filter on Instagram, made me look okay to the world at least! I picked up these gorgeous purple coloured roses when shopping in Aldi two weeks ago and I thought they were some of the prettiest roses I had ever seen, such a perfect colour. Jacek and I celebrated our four year anniversary yesterday and the lamb that he is bought me the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, how lovely is he? I love all the shades, they're so wearable. I'm a lucky lady.

These are just some snippets from my life lately, moments which I don't normally share on the blog but moments which you can have a look-see at on @fiandtylerlee 

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  1. Yankee candles are the best :) I want to get my hands on some of the halloween ones this year! xx


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