Thursday, September 24, 2015

Four Years ♥

Today myself and Jacek celebrate our four year anniversary. Four years. For me that's such a long time and this is officially my longest relationship ever. I love this man, not only is he my partner but he's also my best friend and I know that's so cliche to say but it really is true. Some days he's my only source of adult company and I think it's amazing that we still make each other laugh as much as we did when we were just friends and work colleagues.

This day also marks the anniversary of the day we first met - simply a coincidence and not something we planned by the way. We first met when I began a new job and Jacek was there. He was a totally different person then, quite uptight, was rather rude to me I must say and immediately took a dislike to me when I asked him if he was Australian - he quickly informed me that I had "the wrong continent". Overtime though, we began to get to know each other more and more and quickly became friends. We had tons in common and got along really well, even though we were both with other people we secretly liked it other but never admitted it...

The day we admitted we liked each other was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember jumping around my room in happiness like a little girl hyper on fizzy drink and sugary sweets! Fast forward through some ups and downs, smiles and tears, we're now as strong as ever and are parents to a beautiful little boy.

Sometimes it hits me - "oh my God, he's Jack from work", Jack being what I used to know him as... but now he's most definitely my Jacek, the man I love and who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. He's such an amazing man - hard-working, caring, thoughtful, loving. He takes care of me like no one else ever has and I swear I've hit the other half jackpot because he loves doing the cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing - he's a Godsend! He listens to me go on and on about blogging, makeup and other crap I know he really doesn't care about but he pretends to show a genuine interest anyway, I appreciate that pretense!

This guy came all the way to Ireland from South Africa and I always believe that we were destined to meet - that's the old romantic in me.

No doubt, lots more adventures are in store for him and I throughout the rest of our years together and I can't wait for all the memories we're going to make together from here and now.

Happy four years my love.


  1. Awww, how lovely. Me and my hubby met (and got together) 18 years ago, last week, but we didn't celebrate it this year, as we only got married just over three months ago. So lovely when you meet the right person x

    1. Congratulations to you both, 18 years is an amazing amount of time x

  2. What a lovely post Fi, congratulations on your 4 year anniversary and wishing you many more years of happiness together.
    Nicola xx


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