Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cobh, The Rainbow Town | Guide of Cork ♥

Since I began getting serious about my photography, I've been wanting to capture some snaps of my hometown of Cobh and try to see for myself just what draws thousands of tourists here every year. It's true that when you live in a place for so long it's charm no longer jumps out to you and instead you may see yourself focusing on the negative aspects of a place rather than all the beauty and little quirks it has to offer. Viewing Cobh through my camera lens really helped me appreciate the place all the more and seeing just how much fun my boys had in the promenade as I went trekking up hills to get some photos, made me think that perhaps we should spend more time in our hometown and not try to get out of it as much as we currently do.

The Lusitania memorial in the centre of one of the squares, note more coloured buildings, the town is full of them. People on my Instagram have likened it to Balamory!

 View of St. Colman's Cathedral from outside the promenade.

West Beach, the main street in the town.

Rainbow houses up one of the steepest hills in the world (I'm exaggerating slightly here...)

The bandstand in the promenade. I was wondering why there were lots of people sitting and watching the harbour, this was the reason...

The huge Queen Mary 2 was sailing out from Ringaskiddy and sailed right past the town. It's so strange to hear a very loud horn going off and then seeing a massive ship looming from behind the buildings.

The old pier. This was the pier used by those to get the boats to board the Titanic.

Tyler Lee waiting for the ship to pass, doing his Mr. Tumble impression... 'take your finger and touch your nose...'

I have to share more pictures of these houses because I've literally just been informed that this is the steepest street in Ireland, no wonder I almost had a heart attack walking up it!

View of Cobh from the Titanic Memorial Garden.

I love this shot of my boy looking back on his hometown.

I also love this view of the harbour from the trees.

Resting on the wall to look at the boats below.

Another view of the harbour, isn't it beautiful?

I think he looks so different here, it's amazing how children can change in each frame.

And just because I almost died getting these shots, and got rained upon, one more shot of the rainbow town to finish.



  1. Really beautiful city! Love their colorful houses!

  2. Wow, its so pretty =]

  3. Wow it looks like an amazing place, but crikey those houses are bright. Usually you see them in pastel colours

  4. I'm pretty sure my parents live at the top of the steepest hill in Co. Dublin, but what about Patrick's Hill in Cork - is Cobh even steeper than that?

  5. Gorgeous photography as always, Fiona. Your town is so pretty. That row of houses on the hill reminds me so much of a street in San Francisco I lived near for a short time. Makes me want to join the throngs of tourists and come for a visit! Thanks so much for joining in with the linky xx

  6. It looks so pretty! I love all the rainbow coloured houses! Popped over from the linky! :)

  7. Beautiful! Your photography is really lovely. :)


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