Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekenders | Cakes, Relaxation & Fireworks ♥

Another week has flown by and this one has been another relaxing one, bar Friday morning when Jacek and I were up bright and early to go to Penneys - the Holy Grail of all Irish shops... no joke! I wanted to pick up some gifts for people but also ended up getting lots of things for our own house, oops... but seriously, I can never walk past the homewares section without picking up a thing or two and I doubt anyone can! Jacek was working all weekend again so Tyler Lee and I took this as an excuse to just relax and catch up on sleep, I swear the little babe is just as tired as I am. We seemed to be napping all weekend and we even fell asleep together on Sunday morning, it was the sweetest thing ever to fall asleep cuddled up to my little babe.

I spent Saturday afternoon doing some knitting, a new hobby of mine and also one of my new ambassador roles (soon to be announced!). It took me an hour and twenty minutes to cast on and do four rows of garter stitch so it may be 2025 before I have a finished item but I'm trying at least! It was lovely to have my Nan teaching me how to knit, I may call into her again today to make some more progress. On the way home I just had to stop by Lidl and pick up some cherry bakewells, I wanted to have a little indoor picnic with Tyler Lee but we ended up napping instead... oops. The cakes were a lovely treat to wake up to though. Before Jacek got home from work on Saturday night I also made him some brownies with some decoration on them, just to prettify them up. The heart shapes were cause I love him... aww!

Sunday was an awful, dreary and rainy day. After going down to feed the dogs I look after at the weekend I decided to take Tyler Lee on a little walk to capture some pictures for his two and a half year update - I can't believe I have a two and a half year old, in just six months time he'll be three! *le sniff, le sob* I got some lovely pictures of him in his gorgeous vintage tractor rain coat from Powell Craft (review to come soon), which proved in very handy when the downpour of rain came. He even stood still to let me take pictures of him, I'm amazed! When we got home I made a Sunday dinner for the first time in ages, I just really wanted something warm and smothered in gravy, after that Tyler Lee was only fit for bed so I took the opportunity to write his update on the blog and then ran myself a hot, Lush filled bath. I sat in there with a Montagne Jeunesse Brazilian Mud Mask on my face, it was Heaven to get some quiet time and just relax.

 On Sunday night we headed down to feed the dogs at half nine, I usually don't leave it that late but the fireworks were starting at ten to mark the end of the Regatta. Tyler Lee has never seen fireworks before and I wanted to show him them but not too upclose to that he'd be frightened of the bangs. We watched the fireworks down by the beach, the sound of the lulling waves was so lovely at that time of night and as Tyler Lee sat on Jacek's shoulders he saw fireworks for the very first time. He was mesmerised and so excited, pointing and shouting "stars!". The loveliest moment then happened when Tyler Lee grabbed me from Jacek's shoulders and bent down to hug his Daddy and I at the same time. It was a very loving moment and the perfect way to end my weekend, in the embrace of my two boys. I love my little family so much.

My Weekenders post is now a weekly thing to inspire me to make the most of our weekends as a family and I've also decided to make it a weekly link up too so please do feel free to pop by the blog every Monday to link up any posts you have about your weekend. I shall be commenting on each post linked up over the coming days and can't wait to read about everyone's weekend adventures!



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