Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Weekenders | Animal Friends, Apples & Alice in Wonderland ♥

This weekend was a very quiet one, Jacek was working long hours and I'm forever wishing he had a normal nine to five job and was off weekends and holidays... I have been feeling absolutely awful too so I was resting up. The weather wasn't that great either with sunshine Saturday, torrential rain on Sunday and gales of wind on bank holiday Monday - seriously, the Irish weather is so unpredictable, I even turned the heating on Sunday night, autumn has well and truly arrived in the Dolly Dowsie house. I've been sleeping a lot this weekend and my boy and I even enjoyed a very long nap on bank holiday Monday, it was much needed and the lazy bum slept a lot longer than I did, it must be tiring being a toddler!

This weekend Tyler Lee and I encountered lots of animal friends. On Saturday morning we headed out early to go to the beach, sadly, the beaches (or should I say strands as they're full of stones) were covered in horrible, slippy green seaweed and the tide was even worse. I decided to take him out to see his granddad instead and spend some time in the garden. Tyler Lee had a great time petting Sassi the cat and playing chase with Tilly the boxer dog, he even gave her a big 'love' (Tyler's word for a kiss). He was looking at the horses saying - "hi horsies!", I really want to let him ride one of them someday, he absolutely loves the horses and if I could get him a little one of his own soon then I will. He then went to feed the chickens and the sheep his with his grandad, it's lovely to see him around the farm and interested in all these things. Finally, when we about to go home, one of his granddad's friends arrived with three baby chicks. Tyler Lee couldn't stop smiling at them and was saying - "hello baby" to them in turn and then "night night" when he was told they were going to bed, it was so sweet! He also was my little helper when I went to feed the dogs I look after at the weekend, Mac and Shelley, he helped me take them for a walk and was petting them lots, he's such a sweetheart. I'm so glad that he's an animal lover like his mummy, it's so heartwarming to see how much he loves them all.

Anytime I looked at Tyler Lee this weekend he seemed to have an apple, or two, in his hands. He was picking them from the tree himself in his granddad's garden and in the orchard in the garden where I mind dogs every weekend. He seems to be obsessed with apples lately and is even preferring them over his trusty white buttons - yay! It's lovely to see him enjoying something healthy and picking them fresh for himself too. I think Tyler Lee may have adopted the apple tree in his granddad's garden, we'll have to go and collect all the apples during the week and have a go at making some apple pie, maybe...

This weekend I also got back into my adult colouring books after not colouring anything in them for over two weeks. I've almost finished another page in my Alice in Wonderland Colouring Book and I can't even tell you how much I love this book, I'm so glad I found it by chance, my favourite part always is colouring in Alice. Tyler Lee has been saying "Disney" the past few days, I have no idea why, so I decided to introduce him to another Disney classic - Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately I ended up watching it myself as he's far too interested in ironing at the moment - yes I'm serious! He does love my Alice in Wonderland doll though, he thinks it's me and he calls it 'mummy', if only!

I'm frustrated that the weather hasn't been better because I love getting out and about these days. It's funny, last year you couldn't get me out of the house, now you can't keep me in it! We took the dogs for a walk up to the orchard on Monday morning and the fresh air really did me well, it's such a beautiful place that I could imagine it making anyone feel great just by being there, it always gives me a sense of Mr. McGregors garden from the Beatrix Potter books. It's lovely to get out and enjoy some fresh air with my son, I want him to continue to enjoy the great outdoors throughout his life and it's so lovely to see him running around.

Jacek came home from work on Saturday with a chicken salad roll and a cream doughnut for me - my favourite! This was all I ended up eating on Saturday but oh did that doughnut cheer my sick self up, so yummy! I love when he brings home treats from work. I also got to use my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 this weekend for the first time when I went out to celebrate my granddad's 80th birthday with family. I love how the shot came out, everyone looks so happy - except LeeLee of course who smiled only after the flash went off!

This weekend coming is looking to be another quiet one as Jacek must study for his last ever exam on Monday - boo, but hopefully Tyler Lee and I will get out and about and have some adventure.

My Weekenders post is now a weekly thing to inspire me to make the most of our weekends as a family and I've also decided to make it a weekly link up too so please do feel free to pop by the blog every Monday to link up any posts you have about your weekend. Thank you so much to the Janine from Janine's Little World and Mirva from Little Messers House for linking up last week, you can read about their weekend adventures by finding their posts on the linky here. I shall be commenting on each post linked up over the coming days and can't wait to read about everyone's weekend adventures!


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