Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Powell Craft | Vintage Tractors Rain Mac & Christmas Pyjamas ♥

If you've been a long-time reader of my blog you'll know that I'm a lover of children's fashion. I try to dress my son in a mix of styles, he even had his own outfit of the day feature before - which I may have to bring back now that he'll stand still for a photo - and I like to feature boys fashion as much as I can, concentrating on unique and beautiful pieces I find in independent stores, vintage shops and on various online stores. So when I discovered Powell Craft and their beautiful range of vintage inspired clothing and accessories for little ones I immediately fell in love, the vintage lover in me was besotted.

I loved so many things from the Powell Craft range but two pieces which caught my eye in particular were the Vintage Tractors Rain Mac and (yes I'm going to say the 'C' word in August, please don't hate me!) their Christmas Pyjamas. I fell in love with the rain mac because the print was just gorgeous, my son loves his tractors and I really liked the cream colour with the green lining - it's the perfect thing to wear for all this rainy weather we're having.

I put it on Tyler Lee for the first time last weekend and it was so adorable on him, he looked so warm and cosy with all the buttons done up and the little hood up too - it protected his curly locks from a sudden downpour. The material of the mac is quite soft feeling and it can be wiped clean which is perfect because my little boy gets quite muddy on his outdoor adventures.

 I love how the Vintage Tractors Rain MAC looked with his little jeans and shoes, it's the perfect mac to accompany any of his outfits. He'll be wearing this mac all through the rainy days this coming autumn and winter, it's just gorgeous.

The second piece that I fell in love with (and have put away for safe keeping until Christmas Eve!) were the Christmas pyjamas. These are quite possibly the most beautiful pyjamas I have ever laid eyes upon. They are stunning and so beautifully done with Christmas themed embellishments - an angel, snowflakes, trees and reindeer, patterned trim on the hem, collar, pocket and sleeves and flower print buttons. I really love the style of these pyjamas, I always think little trouser and shirt top style pyjamas like this are quite sweet and special and so lovely for being put to bed in on Christmas Eve.

I will say that these pyjamas are slightly more feminine then I thought they were. I thought the trim was red instead of pink but it's okay, we don't discriminate with colours in this house but just a word of warning for those who aren't keen on their boys wearing pink.

Powell Craft also have a beautiful Christmas nightdress which makes me wish I also had a little girl. It is so pretty and once again I love the vintage style of it, it remind me of something a little angel would wear and once again the vintage style is just perfect for Christmas time.

Powell Craft will be launching their consumer website this August, which will stock all of their delightful products. They also have a range of stockists worldwide, which you can find here.


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  1. That mac is so gorgeous! Not too grown up, cute and practical. I love it! x


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