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Our Family Holiday To Jersey, Channel Islands | Part 2 ♥

Last week I featured part 1 of our family holiday to Jersey, Channel Islands and it's been my most popular post ever since, so thank you to all of you who have read and commented about the first part of our holiday, which you can read about here if you haven't yet seen it. Jersey really is the perfect island when it comes to family holidays - the beaches are stunning, there's so much to see and do and there's so much there to entertain the little ones too, I know Tyler Lee wasn't bored once on our trip! Let me show you what we got up to for the rest of our holiday on the beautiful island of Jersey...

 On Saturday morning Jacek and I left our boy with his granddad and headed off on the boat to the beautiful, little neighbouring island of Sark and oh my God were we glad we did because the crossing over was absolutely horrendous. The waves were massive and it was like being stuck on a continuous funfair ride that just wouldn't stop and that you couldn't get off - oh was it worth it though... kinda.

The sun was shining in Sark and it was lovely and warm, just what we needed for our day cycling around the island, it was so beautiful! This was my fourth visit to the island of no cars, all there are are bicycles, tractors and horse and carts, Jacek was calling it 'Little Amsterdam'. It's such a stunning, charming little island and I'm so glad I got to show him around it.

 Me amongst the barley fields in Sark, they looked amazing and I actually love this picture, which is rare because I usually hate every shot of me. There really is beauty anywhere you go on this tiny island and it's even better when the sun is shining.

I've written all about our day trip to Sark on my other blog Fawns & Fables, so do pop over if you'd like to see more pictures of this stunning island and read more about our trip.

 Sunday was a lazy day for us, we stayed in all morning, recovering from our trip to Sark and anyway, Sunday's in Jersey are typically made for relaxing, the shops are shut and people usually just spend time with their families.

We did go for an amazing afternoon tea though at a place called Ransoms Tearooms. The decor of the place was exactly my taste with pastel colours, bunting and a shabby chic themed throughout, it was gorgeous!

The afternoon tea was served on gorgeous, vintage style cake tiers and consisted of sandwiches, cakes and homemade scones. The cheesecake in the little cup and the scones were my absolutely favourite, nothing like a warm scone with some jam and cream - yum!

 I'm now dying to go for afternoon tea again. Mine and Jacek's four year anniversary is next month so maybe he'll take me for some again? Who knows... hopefully he's reading this and is getting the hint! I think afternoon tea is such a treat and I was so impressed with the one in Ransoms - I will be back!

Monday was our last full day in Jersey and Jacek and after a trip to the Hospice shop - seriously cannot beat a bit of thrifting, we were ready for an afternoon outdoors with our boy. After a spot of lunch we took Tyler Lee to one of the many playgrounds in Jersey, seriously, there are playgrounds everywhere on the island, it's fantastic to see. He had a fab time on all the slides, swings and climbing frames, us adults even had a laugh on one of the strangest looking see-saws I've ever seen in my life, it was like a giant space hopper!

Tyler Lee calls the playground a 'see-saw' because of the song See-Saw Marjory Daw that I sing to him whenever he's on a swing but in Jersey he got a chance to go on his first proper see-saw. Here he is just getting into it, he even had a go sitting on my lap doing it, I wasn't able!

I'm always delighted when anyone lets me photograph them so I was happy to take some snaps of my dad and Shirley before we left the park. I love this shot, Shirley looks so happy. They'll be absolutely mortified now because I know they read my blog!

After the park we headed to some rape seed fields as I wanted to get some more shots of Tyler Lee amongst the yellow again. The weather wasn't the best but I still love how the shots came out, you can see more of them over on my other blog Fawns & Fables where I feature lots of photography based posts.

 Jersey really is such a beautiful island, I wish I had gotten a chance to photograph more of it.

Tuesday was our last day in Jersey and Jacek and I started it off with a bit of shopping, he wanted to pick up some gifts for his family and I wanted to take a trip back to the MAC counter - how could I not? I posted more about my holiday haul here if you'd like to take a look at what I bought on holiday.

After shopping we went for lunch at a local garden center, who also happen to have a newly refurbished café. We then packed, headed to Jersey Airport and said our goodbyes for another year. I miss my dad and Shirley now, it was so fun staying with them and I always love it when we go to Jersey - how could I not when the island is that beautiful?

We had a fantastic family holiday and even though the weather wasn't as nice as it usually is when we visit, we didn't let it dampen our spirits or stop our adventures.


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your holiday tales, Jersey looks beautiful! x

  2. I love trips like this! I am pretty sure I would have gotten sick on the way over though lol! The food looks so yummy and the scenery is gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on part one being such a highly viewed posts. i've also found that travel posts seem to be popular. I think it's all the gorgeous photos, and your photos are ALWAYS amazing <3

  4. What a beautiful place to visit! I would love to have tea with you - the food looks amazing. I'm such a foodie. :)

  5. That afternoon tea looks amazing! And that photo of your dad and Shirley is so lovely I am sure they will love it as it is a perfect capture xx

  6. I love the joy in your dad and Shirley's faces. I'm in awe over the beauty you experienced on your getaway!

  7. I love that photo of you in the middle of the barley field. I always wonder how barley look like so thank you for sharing.

  8. I haven't been to Jersey since I was really young. It's so so beautiful there, and I hope I can go back some day. I'm glad I got to see your beautiful pictures.

  9. Jersey should hire you as a publicist - I want to go there so badly! The pictures (as always) are beautiful, and the tea looks wonderful. This is definitely somewhere I need to go soon.

  10. Wow - that looks so beautiful! We're definitely going to have to try and visit. Those fields look amazing!

  11. This is such a beautiful place. Did you just say tea? I would love to have tea with you.

  12. What a gorgeous place to experience and what lovely photos! It is good to see your family spend such quality time together and your little one is a cutie!

  13. Your little has a beautiful head of curls, no seriously. The view looks beautiful and relaxing. I'm such a tea lover, I'm drooling over the afternoon tea.

  14. What a wonderful place! That water is so clear! And the tea goodies look fabulous!

  15. i love the trips like this. i love the beautiful view . that place is a nice to visit with your family it looks peaceful and too far from the stress i want to get there and the food was look amazing. thank you for sharing this

  16. Beautiful pictures! This place looks absolutely amazing and so serene! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  17. Those pictures are beautiful! I can see why it's one of your more popular posts:-).i love tea "parties". Hope I get to visit there someday!

  18. Sound like it was such a wonderful trip - love the photos it was so beautiful.

  19. this looks like a very lovely place to disappear in for a week or two. i know my little man will be thrilled to see most of those playgrounds.


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