Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Dream Office | Home Decor Ideas

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that our 'office' is a bit of a disaster zone at the moment, there literally is stuff everywhere and this needs to change, fast. Now that my other half is finished college, all his notes, books and loose bits of paper can be either put into a Horsham self storage unit or thrown away and we can finally try to reclaim this room as a productive and pretty - because lets face it, a beautiful workspace is an inspiring one - space for us both.

I want quite a clean space, not a lot of clutter, lots of storage and some splashes of colour in decoration and personal touches. The room is quite small, but that doesn't mean that we can't utilise the space as best we can. I really love lots of different elements from the offices and desks pictured above. Firstly, I'd love a white desk, I do love the look of glossy topped desks in particular, they look quite luxurious and I think they'd make a great photographing area. I'd also like the walls to be white, the office is where I do all my photography for the blog so it's good to have a clear, white background. I already have my white and floral print chair which I got at a recent carboot, it'd be perfect for pairing with a white desk and it's so comfy for sitting on too, although I may upholster the seat to a more fitting fabric.

I really love the pink and turquoise with hints of gold colour scheme in the images above, it's so pretty and I love that it can be done subtley with decoration, prints and finishing touches.

I would absolutely love an Apple iMac, I think they look super sleek and look so pretty on a desk too. They seem to be a bit of a blogger staple at the moment and I really like the idea of having a stationary place to sit and write my blog. As I said, we need a lot of storage as we have a lot of files etc, so I'd like lots of shelving in the office and matching folders for all. I would also like matching boxes and jars for things because I think having things matching makes them look far more organised. I'd also love some shelves above the desk too to display pretty prints, family pictures and decorations.

For finishing touches I always have to have fresh flowers in my office, I use them a lot as photo props and having some beautiful blooms always makes a room far more cheerful. You can get lots of pretty floral decorations and ways to display your blooms from flowers and floral craft sites such as Michael Dark, I buy fresh flowers every week so they'd definitely be a staple in my dream office. I really like the idea of colour coordinated bottles and jugs for displaying fresh flowers in on the desk.

I really love the use of fairy lights in the above image, it would create a beautiful, soft glow for all those late night blogging sessions. I also really love the idea of displaying photos in a garland style with string and pegs, I have lots of polaroid type pictures that I'd love to display like this in the office, my family and photography are my biggest loves in life so they need to be an element in my workspace.

Overall, my dream office is pretty, yet simple with dots of sparkle here and there and subtle hints of colour with pink and turquoise touches around the desk and storage shelves. Just because an area is for work doesn't mean that it can't be beautiful, inspiration and a place to sit and enjoy what you're doing.

Shop the look of my dream office -
Gold polka dot wall decals // Interlocking monogramed mug  // Flower string lights // Camera print // Bloggers Gonna Blog print // Painted mason jars // Kate Spade gold desk files



  1. Once again, I love your choice of colors. So pretty! I think the addition of the gold is what makes is more "grown-up" and classy. I like my desk to be a happy cheerful place too. One recent addition is a large bulletin/cork board right above my desk. I put light purple paper as the background and have turned it into a inspiration/collage/reminder area. :)

  2. How lovely, and pretty just for a professional lady like you. Dream office pretty sparkling.

  3. Decorating isn't my thing but clearly it's yours! Good job!

  4. Beautiful. Right now, my desk is in the corner of our bedroom. One day, I would like to have a nice, big desk and be able to decorate it like that, but it will be awhile. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. I love the combination of pastel and bright colors. An office should be this lively, not boring and dull.

  6. So many great ideas. I wish I had an office. I would do so many of these. I love the gold dots. So pretty. - Jeanine

  7. Well shoooot! I think you just wrote a post on MY dream office! I love all the same things! Very pretty!

  8. Love all the ideas! the colts are perfect for a calm work environment

  9. absolutely gorgeous. i've been dreaming about my office home decor but still not enough budget to do a make over

  10. This sounds like an amazing home office indeed and I love the colors as well. The painted mason jars are an awesome idea for vases. Thanks for sharing.


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