Tuesday, August 04, 2015

My Dream Kitchen | Home Decor Ideas ♥

I have so many ideas on how I'd love to decorate my own house in the future (right now we live in a rented house and I'm very limited to what I can do with it), they all seemed to sprout when I became a mother and now I'm very interested in all things to do with interior design and home decor - I never thought I'd see the day! One room which I have big ideas for is the kitchen and with it being the 'hub of the home' and one of the most used rooms, it needs to be functional, have ample room for all our appliances but be stylish too. I've seen so many beautiful kitchens on Instagram, all designed in my favourite shabby chic style decor and now I'm lusting after a kitchen just like those.

My dream kitchen would be the most homely room in the house. I always have aspirations to be one of those mothers who's always baking treats for her children and their friends, cooking homemade meals and generally always having a welcoming table - writing this has made me think of one of my favourite bloggers, the lovely Emily from The Nest, whose table is always so welcoming and cosy looking with her bakes, a pot of tea and some fresh flowers. I'd like the kitchen to have a white and pastel colour scheme. I love the idea of white wooden units and a distressed wooden worktop. I think hints of pastel in the appliances and decor of the room would be perfect for this. I would love a pastel pink or blue Smeg fridge, I love the 1950's style and shape of these fridges and think the look fits in perfectly with a shabby chic kitchen. I've also just discovered that Smeg do small appliances in the same style and colours as their fridges so I'd definitely get my toaster, blender and mixer to match.

I think it's important to have a table and chairs in the kitchen, especially when you have small children and I love the idea of a table with a bench and stools with comfy cushions like in the picture above. I could imagine us all enjoying a lovely Sunday morning family breakfast at a table like that, plus I'd like the table to match the white of the kitchen units.

The shabby chic style gives that perfect homely and welcoming vibe which I want in a kitchen and I know the whole family would enjoy the room. Of course, dream kitchens don't come cheap at all and you may find yourself having to take out a home improvement loan to fund your dreams - I know I most probably would have to as I have so many ideas and I'm such a perfectionist. Using a loan calculator is a great way of reigning in the spending and seeing what you can afford before taking on a big home improvement project.

With any room, I think it all comes down to the soft furnishings and finishing touches and a shabby chic style kitchen gives for so many creative ideas. I love the chalk board, pin board and shelf display in the above picture, it has such a homely feel to it and it'd be lovely for writing reminders and pining precious family photos and mementos. I would love lots of shelving to display crockery, all of which I'd ideally get from vintage stores and one of my favourite brands, Cath Kidston - I just love her designs and the tea towels are almost too pretty to use, I especially love the Provence Rose design. I would also have floral blinds like in the kitchen pictured above, I think that's such a pretty touch.

Do you like the idea of a shabby chic kitchen? What would your dream kitchen be like?



  1. I love, love, love your vision of a dream kitchen! I'm all about shabby chic but also rent. I am able to paint though and am doing that over the next couple of weeks. Of course, it's all about pastels and florals. Thanks for the inspirations. :)

  2. I actually don't know why my dream kitchen would be like. I accept any kitchen really. lol we are most likely going to have a shabby chic wedding. mainly because I am following the lovely posts you have about shabby chic all the time.

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